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How to Optimize WooCommerce Facebook Product Feed

Facebook is a social media website with more than 1.7 billion monthly active users. The platform has become one of the most popular places for merchants to engage with clients.

You can list thousands of products via Facebook ads on the social media platform. That will increase your sales with ease. Implementing a Facebook feed is not only simple but also very useful.

Facebook is not only just for fun but also helpful for doing business. The way to utilize Facebook ads for this purpose is to use a feed designed for the platform. It will give you the possibility to re-target and reach an incredible amount of customers.

Advantages of using a Feed for Facebook ads:

  • Increase local sales:  one of the significant benefits of Facebook ads is that, you can create a targeted advertisement for the specific target group you want to reach. These results can be achieved by tailoring your Facebook feed to the particular characteristics of your target audience.
  • Drive-up online sales: a Facebook feed is a very efficient way to redirect customers from Facebook to your website, to complete a deal or sign up for a service. Setup your Facebook feed once and all future product updates and changes will be automatically incorporated into your Facebook ads.
  • Raise brand awareness: More than 1.1 billion visit Facebook every day. Facebook ads is a compelling method to find new customers and increase brand awareness. The simple way to achieve this is with the use of a Facebook feed.

Where are Facebook ads displayed with a Facebook Feed

Your Facebook feed will display your Facebook ads throughout the news feed, and on the right side of the interface in a computer setting. On mobile platforms, it shows just throughout the news feed.

Your Facebook feed will display your ads in the same location for your entire product portfolio. Additionally, you can optimize the Facebook feed and choose exactly the products you would like to advertise.

Setting up and optimizing your product feed for Facebook

There are specific information and particular fields of data that Facebook requires for your product feed. Some have narrow options and offer less scope for optimization. (https://takes2fitness.com/)

There are several fields of data that you can optimize to ensure you are making the most of your product for Facebook,

  1. ID: for each product you upload, you need to add a unique ID.

2. Title: Your title should incorporate keywords in a way that’s natural, concise, and direct. You should employ some additional optimization tricks including:-

  • Start with your product features
  • Include the brand/ designer name
  • Include the model name if applicable
  • Answer any questions your customers could have about your products

3. Description: you want your specifications to sell the product listed on your product feed. There are several steps you can take to help you to do this:

  • Explain how your product works
  • Highlight product key features
  • Know your target audience and write for them
  • Make your language clear and precise

4. Availability: You have a maximum of 100 characters, in which to let your customers know if the products they are seeing are available to buy.

5. Price: improve your traffic by including the price upfront in the picture. Make how much your items cost and the relevant current (i.e., USD)

6. Condition: your options are: ‘new’, ‘used’ or ‘refurbished’.

7. GTIN, MPN, or Brand: this helps to identify your products:

8. Link: this directs your users to where they can buy the products listed on your product feed on your online store.

9. Image link: size is relevant when optimizing the images that you include in your product feed. Two key details Facebook wants you to get right:

  • Image ratio – 1.91:1
  • Image size- 1,200 x 628 pixels

You can upload a well-optimized product feed to your Facebook business page once you have done all this. For this, you have to go into your catalog and select ‘Add Product Feed’ and then input the data you have gathered.

Win the optimization war

WooCommerce CTX Feed (CTX Feed) helps to make multiple shopping engines like Facebook Dynamic Products Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and many more.

The plugin includes 20+ predefined templates along with Facebook product feed, Google Merchant feed, and other popular shopping engines and price comparison sites.

CTX Feed supports automatic feed generation at a given scheduled time. It syncs your product to different engines via HTTP or FTP.

Product feed optimization is something you need to do regularly. Every online seller knows how powerful is Facebook’s platform. You should take advantage of this feed plugin.

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