How to boost WooCommerce sales with the Instagram product feed

How To Boost WooCommerce Sales With The Instagram Product Feed

The impact of social media networks in our everyday life is a hot topic. Social media have evolved enormously to impact our lives and our businesses too. Instagram is a leading social media platform with one billion monthly active users. 

Apart from its influence in our daily life, it can also help businesses grow and get more sales. The Instagram product feed is a proven way to increase online stores’ sales, including your WooCommerce store. We will share proven ways to boost your WooCommerce store’s sales with the Instagram product feed.

If you are one of those store owners who is continuously looking to increase the store’s sales, you must have stumbled upon WooCommerce product feeds. It would be best if you were thinking hard to pick Instagram shopping feeds as a new sales-increasing strategy for your store. Let us assist you with this decision with some guided steps.

First of all, you should consider the WooCommerce Instagram feed due to the benefits it can offer for your WooCommerce store. 

Secondly, Instagram has over one billion monthly active users. With one billion monthly active users, Instagram has become the sixth-largest social media network. 

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that about 23.93% of the total mobile internet users access the Instagram app once a month. Currently, the total number of mobile internet users is around 4.18 billion.

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Is Instagram Shopping the right fit for you?

Instagram offers a lovely and swift platform to reach more people with your products effortlessly with many active users. Depending on the product categories you are selling on your WooCommerce store, the Instagram product feed should be a favorable choice. 

Statistics show that specific categories like Auto, Fashion, Beauty, Watches and Jewelry, Travel, Retail, Sportswear, Beverages, and Consumer Electronics have already achieved success from their Instagram shopping feed ventures. 

You can learn more about the statistics here. Therefore, if you have visual products, you should get into the WooCommerce Instagram feed.

We will give you some points to consider before finalizing your decision to run the Instagram product feed. Find below the options that you need to consider before making the decision.

  • The industry you represent
  • The visual appeal of your products
  • Are your customers on Instagram?
  • What is the performance of your Facebook Ads?
  • Visually enhance your product images.

The industry you represent

Instagram is not a perfect solution for all industries or categories of products, but those are limited. We have already mentioned the statistics of how the auto industry, fashion, beverage, beauty, and retails industry have already built a stronghold in Instagram. 

The leading business of the mentioned industries have strongly adopted Instagram, and you should do the same. If you do not opt-in for the WooCommerce Instagram feed, it will leave you out of this opportunity.

The visual appeal of your products

Though Instagram is a social media platform, it has some differences with its presentations. Instagram offers exceptional visual storytelling. You may also find Pinterest very appealing to share your stories visually. Promoting products on Pinterest is also proven to be very helpful in increasing sales of your WooCommerce store. 

You can showcase beautiful photography and short videos about your products on Instagram. You will find the option to sell your products by visually representing them on Instagram.

What do you think about your products? Are they Photographable products? If yes, then there is no limit. You can display your creativity and promote your products to millions of Instagram users all over the world. Apart from the physical products, you can also sell online tutorials. 

You will have to attach a visual representation of it to the users. Let’s say you have a cooking lesson, and sharing the final dish’s image will grab your target audience’s attention.

Are your customers on Instagram?

It is no wonder that a large number of your customers are already on Instagram. They spend time on this social platform allowing you to connect with them socially. You also need to create a convenient way for your customers to follow you on Instagram. Adding a follow us on the Instagram button on your site can be an excellent step. 

Apart from that, it would be best if you gave people an option to share your products on their desired social media platforms, including Instagram. Most importantly, social proof is a potent tool that can increase sales and build trust among your customers.

There is a lot of research on how social media shares help a business to increase its sales. You will find that people who share the products online before purchase have a double chance to purchase the product down the line.

Additionally, you need to engage with people who show interest in your brand. Please search for your brand’s hashtag like (#Webappick for our case). You need to respond to posts where the users have tagged you.

What is the performance of your Facebook Ads?

It is most likely that you have run advertisements on Facebook. If you successfully promote your products on Facebook, then Instagram is an unavoidable choice for you. 

Running similar ads on Instagram can bring you a fortune. Promoting your products on Facebook can be a tedious task; learn the most optimized way to manage your WooCommerce Product Feeds for Facebook.

So, success in Facebook ads will mean that you have an immense opportunity on Instagram.

Visually enhance your product images.

First of all, you need to be very careful with your product photography. The product image should be able to tell the whole story to your consumers. Additionally, you can take help from Instagram’s photo editing tools.

Instagram offers image filtering, cropping, and other photo editing options to make your images more appealing. If you start creating posts with your products on Instagram, there will be a rich photo bank of your product images. You can leverage those images to increase your store’s sales.

Now you should be able to decide whether you want to promote your product with Instagram product feeds or not. WooCommerce Instagram Feed can be the missing piece of the puzzle for your business. It has already aided thousands of businesses to secure a higher profit margin.

Here is an important note that you need to keep in mind. You should not always make promotional posts on Instagram. You need to make posts that do not always ask for dollars from your customers. Give them something to think or some humor. They will love it. 

As a result, you can expect more engagement with your brand on Instagram. Finally, you need to be creative about your Instagram marketing strategy.

Boost your WooCommerce Sales with Instagram Feed

It must already convince you why you should target Instagram product feeds to boost your WooCommerce sales. We can expect you to be wondering how you can do it!

Creating the most optimized WooCommerce Instagram Feed can be very helpful. If you cannot create the most optimized product feeds, all your efforts may go in vain. 

Before you can enjoy the feature of Shopping on Instagram, you need to create an Instagram Business profile first. Let’s get to know how to create the most optimized shopping feeds for Instagram and increase sales.

The best product feed management plugin, CTX Feed PRO, is a product feed management plugin for WooCommerce. If you want to run successful campaigns on Instagram Shopping, it stands out with the rich features and the simplicity of use. 

Apart from Instagram, it supports more than 100+ merchant sites, including the leading global channels like Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Ads. Most importantly, the plugin’s well-thought options make the Instagram feed generation process very simple for users without any prior feed generation experience.

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You must be interested to learn more about CTX Feed Pro. We have compiled a detailed guide about its user interface and options. We highly encourage you to get insights into this brilliant WooCommerce Instagram Feed plugin. There are also resources on Instagram Shopping. You should find some valuable information and tips in it too.

How can CTX Feed Pro ensure the most optimized WooCommerce Instagram Feed?

CTX Feed Pro is the leading feed generation and management tool for WooCommerce.

Feed optimization is vital to get the desired results of your campaigns. The primary goal of this tool is to create the most optimized feeds for all the supported platforms. 

We are continually working to improve this tool and offer you a feed generation experience that you will not find elsewhere. Like the other supported platforms, Product Feed for WooCommere also offers a built-in template to offer you a quick start with your Instagram shopping feed.

Here is a brief highlight:

  • Quick start to optimization
  • Connect with your customers in their local language
  • Create WooCommerce Instagram Feed from multi-vendors
  • Automatic Instagram feed update

Quick start to optimization

Like we said earlier, Product Feed for WooCommerce comes with all the necessary options to ensure you the most optimized product feeds. First of all, you will find the built-in templates to help give you a quick start. There, you will find all the necessary options in an expected order to create your product feed. 

Secondly, the filtering options will give you more control to include/exclude your products in the feed. Most importantly, the advanced filtering option that comes with the premium version will add more control for you.

Get a quick start with the built-in template

Connect with your customers in their local language

As a severe store owner, you should not keep anything to luck. You must give the best effort to reach your goal. Why shouldn’t you target your customers in their mother tongue? 

Everyone loves engagement; this includes your customers too. If you try to reach your customers in the local language, they will feel more connected with your brand and your products.

As a result, you can secure a strong bond with your customers. Create custom (different language for your WPML supported site) WooCommerce Instagram Feed with CTX Feed Pro.

Create WooCommerce Instagram Feed from multi-vendors

What if you have a multi-vendor site and you want to create custom Instagram feeds with selective vendors! Keep your worries aside. CTX Feed Pro offers a simplified product feed creation for WooCommerce multi-vendor sites. 

You will be able to create product feeds with all vendors or select a few of them from the option. Thus it offers a brilliant way to create the most optimized Instagram product feeds to offer you the opportunity to boost WooCommerce sales.

Automatic Instagram feed update

How often do you update product information on your WooCommerce store? You must want to share the most recent product information with your Instagram visitors.

The automatic feed update will have you covered. You can set update intervals for your product feeds. CTX Feed Pro will automatically sync the latest information about your products at those intervals. 

As a result, your customers will always have the latest product information. This is also a great way to build trust with customers. Otherwise, two different pieces of information will confuse them.

Option to control the automatic feed update interval

Apart from these great features, there are other options to give your product feeds a personal touch. Managing product feeds in such a professional way will ensure the healthy growth of your current sales.

You will get the desired boost in your sales and enjoy a secured position with your business. You can learn more about the plugin from this product page.

Like Instagram product feed, Pinterest Shopping Ads can help bring more revenue to your business. You can manage a professional Pinterest catalog with our Pinterest WooCommerce plugin

If you want a hands-on experience, we highly suggest getting started with the plugin’s basic version. Get CTX Feed Pro from here.

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