How to Get Real Buyers for WooCommerce Store?


What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce can be called ‘The Heart of E commerce’ now because more than 30% of online stores have chosen woocommerce for their web store & according to the official statement it is downloaded 12,654,635 times till 10th February, 2016. Besides, 8% of top ten thousands & 13% of top hundred thousands ecommerce platforms are using this robust plugin as a trusted one. Woocommerce is smart, secured & contain a numerous number of add-on and supported plugins. Using this plugins you can empower your store to a new dimension.

The core feature of this plugins is it’s super flexibility to both users &  store manager. You need no technical expertise to handle it and only some drag & drop can build a powerful online shop which is updatable, upgradable, extendable, almost error free. And this salient features have made it the most popular ecommerce plugin around the world. And the point you must remember that its absolutely free to the users.



Why Woocommerce?

So, you must have a wordpress site use wocommerce site. But here the questions begin and you can ask why you’ll use wordpress while there are other CMS specialized for ecommerce like: magento, opencart etc. And if you are using wordpress then you may also have the question that why wocommerce & why wp-ecommerce or shopify? This thing is wordpress is a simple CMS than other & it’s developers are now more available and cheaper than other CMS. So, to simplify and save the cost of development & maintenance you can choose wordpress. So, why only woocommerce?

Here are some features I described:

  • Super friendly in both configuration & maintenance.
  • Simple interface but highly professional in nature.
  • Integratable to other plugins like: visual composer, yoast SEO etc.
  • Provide extended analytic report of sales that are also exportable.
  • Contain opportunities to add your own developed plugin for it which create a room for growth.
  • Offering a bunch of extensions those make it more than ecommerce.

5 Kick-Ass Tips for Getting Real Buyers for Your Store

tips-for-getting-real-buyers-online shopping

So, I hope your online shop is now ready with woocommerce. Now It’s time to face the real challenge & to earn money by getting real buyers from different places. But how can we generate leads that is convertible to sale? Have you got any idea? Actually if a web owner is asked about it, he’ll start by showing his visitors from random places. But for an online shop it is totally meaningless.

Since, a person is expending from his pocket, its really hard to convince him or her to make it happened. But that doesn’t mean it has no solutions. According to our research we’ve found the following tips that can really boost sales performance of your site.

Tip # 1: Building Strong Product Feed

I know what your are thinking now. You are thinking what is product feed, isn’t it? So, let me explain. Product feed is actually a list, a list that can be read by any targeted tool. For example, we are uploading our products to our web store those are shown in front end, is it right? So, only my site’s visitor can browse the products & purchase it. But if I want to show my products to other sites then what’s the way?

The simple answer is upload the products again for that site. Since, the mechanism of that site is different you’ve to do it manually or if you want to do it manually or if you want to do it automatically you’ve to develop & integrate such tools. For 1-2 sites it may be reasonable. But there are 20-30 sites then you’ll surely be doomed either you upload them manually or develop tools for each site. The necessity of a common format rises here. This format is known as feed & the common formats are xml, csv or txt. So, product feed is a converted xml, csv or txt file from any online shop that can be imported to other sites & then converted to that site’s product carousel.

That means if you’ve an option of product feeding your products can be posted into many others sites by only some clicks of import & export. And there is another good news & the news is there are some tools those can make the process totally automated. But  we’ve researched on some tools & got limitations in every tools. Keeping this in mind to increase your sales performance we’ve developed a strong plugin called Woocommerce Product Feed that is configurable for 100+ shopping engines making your products automatically posted to those engines when you post it to your site.

By the way, finally hope we can understand how feed helps us to drive more targeted traffic from other sites. Now lets go to the next tips.

Tip # 2: Give Special Focus on Product SEO

I worked for many webmasters & most of them wanted to do SEO for site home page. For example, one of them were selling handy crafts & he wanted to let his site’s home page reached at 1st position for the keywords ‘online shopping in newyork’ & handycraft shop in newyork’. I know both of them are good keywords. But they are research type keywords & according to human psychology these keywords are used for getting information, not for purchasing products.

But if anyone search for a product in purchasing mode he or she will definitely search for a specific keywords like: hand made flower busket, hand made shoes in newyork etc. So, instead of home page if you use the meta scripts into your product that will directly let your targeted customer landed on the product page will increase the possibilities of selling that product, even if they never visited your site’s home page before & after purchasing the product.

Tip # 3: Write Short, But Informative Product Details

Most of us use tons of words to describe a product. But before you do so keep yourself in a place of consumer & think did you’ve the time to read a big description to know a product. Of course its a loss of time. But it doesn’t mean you’ll write nothing about your product. The thing I am telling about it research of content. write 100-200 words but choose powerful words to sharpen description.

Write information of your product in stead of applauding it again & again. I know its tough, but not impossible. And once you can do it will enhance your reputation & gain the trust of your buyers which will generate recommendations from your customers automatically.

Tip # 4: Drive Targeted Small Traffic Instead of Having Huge Random Traffic

Most of the time e-commerce web owners forget that their target is not only generate huge traffic but also converting the traffics to real sales. That’s why they do random SEO & post their links to different sites those can only generate some clicks. But you should target people who can purchase your products & then start marketing to them that means the same marketing you need to drive 100 traffic will now be applied to 10 real customers. So, the effect will also increase around 10 times than before.

Tip # 5: Expand Your Domains of Product Promotion

If any product is referred to you from a single source again & again, may be you’ll be convinced to purchase it. But if the same product is referred to you from different many people you’ll be convinced definitely. So, the main thing is recommendation from different domains. So, for your product try to get referred from different places. For this purpose, boost your products by review sites, shopping engines, guest blogging, forum posting, social bookmarking, press releases, content marketing those will ensure that your site name is told into many different places that will be an ideal 360 degree marketing for your web store.


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