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Mobile SEO Trends in 2017 for E-commerce

By the end of 2016, mobile applications were no longer an option. The e-commerce industry runs on mobile applications now. Mobile usage now represents 65% of digital media time. Google is also trying to accommodate this kind of change now. But the changes do not stop there and SEO brings in some new trends for 2022.

Preparing for Google’s Mobile Search Index

Many SEOs expected a mobile search index for some time now. Hence, Google recently announced that they have begun experimenting with separate mobile search indexes. Until now the experiments were conducted on small scale without any fruitful results. Although it is too early to give a concrete result, Google recommends putting entire content on the mobile version of the site. Knowing about such a feature ahead of time provides a huge advantage.

Increase in AMP Symbols

By now, we all know the importance of fast-loading websites. In order to speed up the loading process, Google released its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). In 2017, we can see an increase in the number of publishers using AMP. As Google pushes hard for AMP, mobile users will actively look for this symbol.

We have seen some major changes and implementation of voice assistants like Cortana, Siri and Ok Google. Last May, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google told the audience about an increase of 20% on mobile searches. This number will only increase in the future as the software of the voice commands keeps improving.

Reduction of Intrusive Ads

Intrusive Ads only increased in 2014, but Google has realized just how damaging the ads can be. Starting in 2017, websites with no easy-to-access content did not rank well on Google. In order to avoid this, there will be an increase in google shopping ads with more targeted offers.


Digital marketers will now pay more attention to the micro moments. Micro-moments refer to the moments when a consumer impulsively reaches for a mobile device for an immediate need. The proliferation of smartphones has made it easy for users to act on impulse. Google encourages digital retailers to meet the needs of consumers by addressing these micro-moments.

Amazing Content

All the companies have focused more on great content in 2021. People work really hard to rank higher on Google. As the use of voice search increases, the use of long-tail keywords would be used. However, the content is not about just keywords. Mobile users can spot useless content within seconds of reading an article. Hence, take the time out to make your content unique and rich with information.

Although no one can be sure about what 2021 has ahead of us. But, as Google makes changes a pattern arises for users across the globe. Undoubtedly, mobile users have increased their use and Google continues to make changes benefitting the mobile users.

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