SEO vs SMM: A Case Analysis of Digital Marketing

SEO vs SMM: A Case Analysis of Digital Marketing


We all know SEO means to place your site to the top position in the search results in terms of targeted keywords. The main target of SEO is getting real visitors from that search results. In other cases, SMM or social media marketing is the way of spreading your site’s content to social media sites for driving people to your site who use to visit those social media sites regularly.

So, if we compare these two strategies, we’ll find the main target of SEO is to generate a permanent brand identity where SMM will ensure the reach of regular content & updates to particular people.

The common factor for these two methods is both are traffic targetable. Now in this article, we’ll discuss the traits of SEO & SMM clearly, and then we’ll have a practical case analysis of these two things to make your concept clear about your marketing. Besides, we’ll also discuss how Woocommerce Product Feed can be a powerful SEO & SMM tool.

sem vs smm

Traits of SEO

  • The initial target of SEO is to promote the root website for the long term so that people can find it easily by searching on Google or other search engines.
  • There is no chance of viral marketing since you can’t share your opinion about anything on google because it is a one-way platform.
  • It’s a long-term procedure, but only a small effort can ensure its constant position if you once reach your desired position. As a result, you can confirm a stable amount of traffic from search engines through a small amount of work.

Traits of SMM

  • SEO’s main target is to promote products or particular content to social clouds so that flow of traffic stays good all time.
  • Viral marketing can only be possible through social media marketing.
  • It doesn’t have any long-term effect. As long as you promote your content to social media, they’ll boost your traffic & then when you stop marketing on social media; your traffic will drop. As a result, it is usable in product promotion for a custom period of time according to budget & target period.
smm and seo for small business

Let’s Make a Real Plan

So, now let’s consider you have an online store & you want to promote your site to get more visitors & obviously you want the visitor’s convertibles to sales. So, how can you do this? Let’s start analyzing. First of all, you need to set up your site & upload your products there. So, you need on-page SEO initially to get indexed easily. So, the first approach is on-page SEO.

The next thing you can do is writing well structured & fruitful product description. This is the part of both on-page & off-page SEO. Now, think 3-4 keywords for a category of products & start optimizing this keyword for search engine. It may need 3-4 months to reach your keywords to the first page. But in the meantime, what will do with your products?

You need sales from the beginning day of your product purchase, isn’t it?

So, with the promotion of your keywords, start boosting your products to social media websites; it’s a temporary process because the promotion will be stopped immediately after you pause the boost. But it’s a sales generating way from real people during the promotional period.

So, the main trick is dividing your promotion into short-term & long-term ways.

For the long term, start working for your desired keywords that maximum people search for the product or that category of product and since, it’s a time taking method, so in the meantime to keep your sales activated, promote your services or product to social media properly. That’s it.

Thanks a lot for reading the article attentively. Please don’t forget to share this analysis with your friends & families. Besides, you can also browse Woocommerce Product Feed to have the best selling experience online—best of luck with your business.

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