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  • Facebook Product Ads to Boost Your E-Commerce Sale

    With 1.39 billion active users, Facebook Ads have shown 152{ecd19d64cb86121d88a283c447d70afd3b00f6d91ad9b9c5c408a2ee085f88cb} ROI. This is the largest share when compared to any other social media ROI. Facebook ads have become the trendiest online advertising in recent times. For e-commerce owners, Facebook has become a blessing. It gives an easy way to target their customers which drive them […]

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    If you browse the internet a lot, you may have noticed that small advertisements pop up on the sides of your screen every now and then. If you find them annoying, you can also use relevant software to block these ads. However, from a company’s point of view, these ads are very important, especially for […]

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  • fb-product-ads-course Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

      Advertising online has undergone a sea change in the past couple of years. Especially with the advent of social media, online advertising has begun to reach its limits in terms of user engagement. The attention economy is definitely in full swing, and traditional online advertising just does not cut it anymore. With all the […]

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  • facebook-feed Facebook Product Feed: A Feature of ‘F’ Marketing

    Content Overview of Facebook Product Feed The term Facebook Product Feed may seem very common feature to developers or marketers but the way of using it effectively may not be very well researched by them. Anyway, that’s why the blog is written. In this article I tried to cover all about controlling & exploring the […]

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