Ideas for getting your Woocommerce store stand out from the crowd

Ideas For Getting Your Woocommerce Store Stand Out From Crowd

Nowadays, setting up your own online store has become quite an easy task. The credit goes to WordPress because anyone can build an online store within a very short time. You can create professional-looking WooCommerce stores and start selling your products easily. 

To set up your WooCommerce store, you don’t need high technical or web designing knowledge. After purchasing a domain, install the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website to launch your online store. However, to stand out in the marketplace, you must give your online store a professional look.  

You can apply different techniques to grow your online store into an eCommerce giant. In this article, we will walk through the tricks to give your Woocommerce stores a professional look. 

Work on Your WooCommerce Store’s Navigation

Work on your WooCommerce Stores Navigation

Organized navigation creates a flawless experience for the users of your website. It also gives your WooCommerce stores a professional touch.  

Your first step should be trimming the navigation of your WooCommerce website. Why is it important to shorten the navigation? Well, by shortening the navigation, you can lower the number of clicks and redirect your customers directly to their destination.

Top-ranking online stores display their popular pages or links of relevant content in front. With a flat website and a menu structure, customers can get to their desired page quickly. As a result, customers can easily finish their purchase process. 

Additionally, the flat navigation model enhances your website’s SEO drastically. Because your site becomes easily crawlable for the search engine bots. 

To make the concept more clear, consider the following situation. A customer needs to click 12 times to get their desired page. It is annoying for any user to click that many times to get to a particular page. 

A shopper may leave your store if it requires too many clicks to buy a product and look for alternatives. You should know that Popular search engines spend a very short time crawling a website. So, you may want search engines to crawl most of your web pages and especially the best ones. 

You can also optimize your menu items to make them more user-friendly. Don’t make your menu crowded instead make it more organized. Your primary menu should not include too many items. To make your menu more effective add submenus or dropdown menus. 

Include a Live Search Option in Your WooCommerce Store 

Include a Live search Option in your WooCommerce store

Search option is a mandatory feature that every website or WooCommerce site should have. To make your website more user-friendly, include a live search option on the navigation menu. 

You can add a search bar on your WooCommerce store via default options. But, you can customize the placement of the menu via code snippet or plugin. Place the search bar in such a position where customers can easily access it. 

Allow your customers to search their product and get the result right in the front of the menu tabs. Customers should be able to view the relevant and popular products quickly on your WooCommerce stores. 

A search option with real-time search results will boost the shopping experience of your customers. You can add the WooCommerce Product Search extension to add the live search option on your site. 

The live search option minimizes the effort of a customer on your WooCommerce stores. It can satisfy the customers easily and bring them back to your site as well. 

Organize Your Products with Categories and Subcategories 

Organize your WooCommerce stores products with categories and Subcategories

Increasing product discoverability is such a simple but effective trick to improve your store’s performance. WooCommerce stores without a category and subcategory is a common design flaw. 

Customers usually sort items while searching for products on a WooCommerce store. Including categories and subcategories enable your customers to discover products quickly. In addition, the search effort gets narrowed down via proper product categorization. 

The primary and main reason behind categorizing the products and pages is to enhance SEO for your store. Customers can discover your products easily in search engines such as Google and Bing. All you need to do is add long-tail keywords on pages of your website. 

Lets, check out the following example to make it more clear to you. For the winter season, your store includes a “Winter Clothing” category. If you add a subcategory of jackets and a category for specific brands, it will increase the discoverability. In addition, this kind of categorization gives your site an even better ranking. 

Another reason behind the categorization is customer satisfaction which is also crucial. For example, you have a WooCommerce store that sells “Artwork”. People are sometimes confused about what they exactly want. 

A user may open your “Exclusive Artworks”  category and search for the most popular artworks. However, they will have to spend more time searching for specifically what they want. But if your site includes proper categorization, they can exactly sort out their required product. 

If your site includes proper product categories and subcategories, customers can easily get what they want. They won’t need to scroll through all the pages of your WooCommerce store with an easy sort out the menu.

A properly defined category and subcategory help bots and customers to inspect your store. So, always Add relevant keywords while defining categories and subcategories on the menu. 

Include Genuine Customer Reviews on Your WooCommerce Store

It is really important to add real customer reviews to boose sales of your WooCommerce store. Nowadays, social proof has become a major factor to earn customers’ trust. So, representing customer reviews is the best way to provide social proof. 

Try to highlight the positive customer reviews to keep your customer’s trust intact. But representing negative customer reviews can break your customers’ trust. You must handle those negative reviews carefully. 

Enable Customer Review of your WooCommerce store

Publish verified reviews so that customers can trust your published reviews. You can enable reviews by checking the box from WooCommerce> Settings> Products. By setting up reviews, original customers who are registered and purchased from your stores can leave reviews. 

You can also install plugins to collect plenty of genuine and real customer reviews. 

Improve Your WooCommerce Store’s Product Descriptions

The contents of your WooCommerce store must be fresh, unique, and plagiarism-free. Most of the users copy contents from other websites which is really unprofessional.

Yes, it’s really easy and time-saving if you copy content from other websites. You can even use plugins to collect product information from other websites as well. This is tempting but to rank higher on search engines your product description must be unique.

You can make your product page more professional by adding custom images and videos as well. But the video must be filmed by you and the description should be created uniquely. 

Increase the Speed of Your WooCommerce Store

You may have set up your WooCommerce store which is running but with a slow speed. So, you need to make your website work as fast as possible for numerous reasons. 

Customers as well as search engines rank a website by considering the loading time. A page that takes a few seconds to load will get a higher rank compared to a page that takes thirty seconds. 

Today, customers get annoyed even if it takes only 5 seconds to load a page. In these few seconds of delay, you may lose potential prospects due to a higher bounce rate.

First of all, test your website page speed via Google’s PageSpeed Insights. All you need to do is enter the URL of your webpage and hit enter. It will show you the loading time of your webpage and provide you with suggestions that you can follow to speed up your website. 

You may need to apply a few changes such as optimizing the image to speed up the page speed. As a WooCommerce stores owner, you have to optimize the size of your product images. Your customers are relying on the product image while buying products online. 

Remember that your product images should be high quality and load as fast as possible. If the image takes too much time to load, you may lose customers. Your customers will move the store that loads faster. 

High-quality images can hamper the loading time of a website so upload a reasonable size. To optimize the product images, you can use an image resizer to resize the images. You can also use other free tools to check your website’s page speed or loading time. 

Use a Lightweight WooCommerce Theme

You should always use a responsive WooCommerce theme for your online store. Choose a theme that goes with your desired store type or matches your product type. We recommend you choose a theme that includes built-in styling options.

It is best if you choose a theme that has full WooCommerce support and easy styling options. Select a theme that does not require you to learn coding languages for editing and tweaking purposes. 

Include Beneficial Custome Features

You can always add some additional features to your store via plugins compatible with WooCommerce. You may want to customize the checkout page by adding or removing some fields. Plugins will allow you to add customized payment options, invoices, file upload options, etc. 

But, there are so many features that you can add wherever you need them in your store. Discounts, subscription, infinite scrolling, etc. Just do not make your website slow by installing too many plugins.  

Final Words 

With our mentioned tricks you can make your WooCommerce store look more professional. These tips are not too complicated and you can create your desired store without any coding experience. So without delaying anymore, let’s start building a professional WooCommerce store right away. 

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