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  • Shopping-actions Google Shopping Actions – How to Get Started?

    Google Shopping Actions is one of the most buzzed online selling platforms. The infrastructure of Google Shopping Actions makes this service stand out. While the brand Google helps a lot to hype its launch, the Google Shopping as an ad delivery system is the real winning detail here. Google defines it as “a shopping program […]

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  • google shopping feed 6 Effective Google Shopping Feed Optimization Tips!

    Google Shopping feed optimizations not only could help to boost your visibility on the SERP but could also result in more sales. Google Shopping has become a hot ticket item for any eCommerce store with an enormous growth of 52% year-over-year. To get most out of your data, you have to optimize your product feed. […]

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  • google shopping mistakes Google Shopping Mistakes That Are Costing You Money!

    Google Shopping is an excellent platform for online advertising and stage for retailers to showcase their products. The current article explains ways to reduce Google Shopping mistakes that are draining your cash and the ways how you can recover from it. Do you have any idea, what are the common Google Shopping mistakes you make […]

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  • merchant center errors How To Fix Common Google Merchant Center Errors?

    The time when you start uploading products to your Google Merchant Center, Google starts showing you errors. Some Google Merchant Center errors are terrible and prevent your products from showing. Whereas, others do not stop showing, but Google suggests to solve to improve your feed. A product feed that has no errors, warnings, and notifications […]

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  • more revenue with google shopping data feed Get More Revenue With Your Google Shopping Data Feed

    Do you want to get more revenue with your Google Shopping, and confused where to start? Your Google Shopping data feed is the place for you to start. Google Shopping has more than 1 billion products available for search, and it’s the highest generating comparison shopping engine for revenue. Google Shopping has similarities to SEO […]

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  • higher rank google shopping How to rank higher on Google Shopping!

    It’s not easy for you to stand out from the crowd with the growing number of ads showing in Google Shopping. The article explains the things that you need to know for ranking up on Google Shopping and how to use it to get new customers. When it comes to increasing exposure to your site, […]

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  • Increase Conversions Using Google Product Feed Increase Conversions Using Google Product Feed

    When it comes to product data feed, Google Shopping has some of the strictest requirements of all shopping channels.  Any product carrying incorrect information may be removed from the search results if the feed fails to meet Google Product Feed Specifications. The more visibility you will get when the quality of your feed is better. […]

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  • Reduce-Cost-Per-Click-Google-Shopping-Campaign How to reduce CPC rate for Google Shopping Campaign.

    How about spending half of your marketing budget and still getting the same amount of traffic from Google Shopping you used to have? Cost per Click, widely known as CPC is a popular phrase in paid digital marketing especially Google Adwords. And “how to reduce CPC?” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions […]

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  • channels are most significant for boosting the sales Why channels are most significant for boosting the sales?

    There are different e-commerce channels for the merchant. People are becoming more advanced and busy because of their daily activities; this is why they depend on electronic commerce. E-commerce has depended on the pillar of some different channels like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Yandex, Bing, Zalando, Kelkoo, ideals, connexity, etc. A shopper does not only […]

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