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17 Free and Pro WooCommerce Bookings Plugins (with Guide)

Are you tired of taking bookings via calls, emails, bookings agents, or assistants and actively looking for a better alternative? If yes, this blog is for you. 

If you own a hotel, motel, restaurant, gym, spa, clinic, or anything that has bookable products or services, we know how tiresome a job it is to take bookings manually. 

We are writing this blog to help you get rid of that tiresome job of handling bookings for hours. 

If you have a WordPress website, you’re all set to start. 

What you all need now is a WooCommerce bookings and reservations plugin. 

Yes, that’s our main objective of writing this blog.

In this blog, you’ll know about 16 free and pro WooCommerce bookings plugins with their features, pros/cons, price, and our verdict on them. 

At the end of the review section, we also have added a buying guide to let you know exactly how to choose the best WooCommerce bookings plugin for YOUR business. 

Are you in? Let’s dive in.

16 WooCommerce Bookings Plugins Reviewed (with Features, Pros, Cons, Price, and Our Verdict)

1. WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings plugin by WooCommerce

WooCommerce Bookings plugin is the only official WooCommerce booking plugin available out there. Developed by WooCommerce, this plugin is a powerful, yet simple bookings and appointment plugin for eCommerce business owners.

This plugin will help you make an arrangement for your customers so that they can book your services conveniently.

Your customers will no longer require you to make a phone call or fill up forms from external links you provide. They can make reservations, book classes or appointments, rent equipment, and reserve items from the comfort of their home straight from your website. 

Apart from leveraging the full-fledged list of features given below, you can integrate this booking plugin with a variety of add-ons like WooCommerce Deposits and AutomateWoo. 

It does not matter whether you own a hotel, restaurant, or saloon, this plugin offers native support (by WooCommerce, not a third party) and flexibility to help you take your business to the apex of success.

Key Features

  • Define set options like fixed time slots
  • Create a buffer between bookings
  • Set minimum and maximum participants
  • Manage booking for multiple resources
  • Set discounted prices for groups, people, days, slots, weekends, age groups, and more 
  • Offer flexible time selection by customers
  • Set unbookable time
  • Display your availability in customers’ own time zone
  • Make booking cancellable
  • Set admin booking approvals before payment
  • Notify clients about their upcoming bookings and appointments via emails
  • Hide booked resources
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Manual booking creation without the need of assigning any order or userIt received more 1-star reviews than 5-star reviews.
Scope to choose the time slots at any timeAccording to the opinion of a few users, some essential booking features are missing in this plugin
Seamless automation

WooCommerce Bookings Price (as stated on the product/pricing page)

WooCommerce Bookings plugin will cost you $249.00/per year. At this price, it features extension updates and support for 1-year. However, this yearly subscription is usable only on 1 site. 

This plugin also lets you claim a full-refund within 30 days if you are unhappy with it.

Our Verdict

Though the price is a bit costly, the WooCommerce Bookings plugin can be a good choice if you prefer to have a native WooCommerce plugin along with premium support from the developers of WooCommerce. 

However, if you own or serve your customers with more than 1 website, this plugin will require you multiple subscriptions and hence more money. In that case, we recommend you use other plugins we’ve talked about on this article that offer integration with multiple websites.

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2. PluginHive – WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin by PluginHive

PluginHive – WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments is one of the most cost-effective, yet top-notch booking and appointments plugin. It will help you turn your products, services, or even time into bookable resources. 

If you own a WooCommerce website that requires a flexible, pocket-friendly, and feature-rich plugin to provide booking and appointment facilities to your clients, we recommend you to try this plugin once.

With this plugin, you can let your customers book services or slots for both single and multiple days. They can pick the start date and end date of their booking pretty flexibly from the given calendar. 

When it comes to the booking cost calculation, this plugin features a dynamic approach that determines the booking cost depending on the slots, additional services, guest counts, discounts, and service providers. 

From the backend of the plugin, you can offer discounts to your customers based on weekdays, weekends, number of people, special dates, seasons, time, and more. 

If you’re not available to serve customers at any specific time, date, or even month for any reason, you can mark a certain date range and time unbookable.

Key Features

  • Take multiple bookings for the same time slot
  • Let users book for single or multiple appointments
  • Let users book for a day or more 
  • Send email reminders to remind users of their upcoming bookings
  • Send notifications to users via email for new bookings, booking confirmations, and booking cancellations
  • Booking approvals from admin
  • Allow buffer time between bookings 
  • Calculate booking price with dynamic booking cost calculator
  • Set booking time and unbookable time
  • Set special pricing for days, months, specific user groups, etc. 
  • Create your pricing rules
  • Assign resources automatically or based on user selection
  • Allow booking cancellations
  • Multi-language support, and compatible with different WooCommerce product add-ons.
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Good customer supportThe booking plugin is not intuitive and requires better tutorials.
Easy to set up and customize
Cheap in price but covers more features

PluginHive – WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments Price (As stated on the product page)

WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments by PluginHive has 3 license types. The price you need to pay for this booking plugin depends on which license type you buy. 

If you want a single-site license that you can use for one website only, you have to pay $99/year. Next, if you choose to buy a 5-sites license plan, you have to pay $146/year. And last, if you want to buy the plugin for 25 sites, it will cost you $259/year. 

For all the license types, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1 year of updates and support.

Our Verdict

This plugin has hundreds of positive user reviews praising its functionality, customizability, and most importantly how the developer backs up the customers with support. 

We think that buying this plan would be a good deal if you want tons of booking and appointment features for your website without spending much money on them.

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3. Booknetic – WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointment Scheduling

Booknetic - WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointment Scheduling by fs-code

Booknetic – WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointment Scheduling is a 5-star rated plugin on Envato Market developed by fs-code. This multi-purpose WordPress plugin for appointments will help you automate the online bookings for your business.

Featuring advanced integrations with Zoom and payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, you will be able to save time, resources, and a lot of hassles to accept bookings from your customers.

As far as the notification is concerned, it has the functionality to send notifications via SMS, email, and WhatsApp. So, it makes it less probable for your customers to miss an appointment.

Key Features

  • Form builders and templates 
  • Plans creation from admin panel
  • Subscription for months and years
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Gift cards and coupons
  • RTL support
  • Notifications in different languages 
  • Deposit payments 
  • Reorder or hide any steps as required
  • Responsive and customizable design
  • Group appointment
  • Login and registration form for tenants 
  • PayPal and Stripe integrations 
  • Multi-level category
  • Google Calendar two-way sync
  • Good for gym and sports, repair centers, law consultants, etc. 
  • Email notifications 
  • Translate plugin with visual translator
  • White labeling
  • SaaS version available
  • Recurrent payment
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Awesome customer serviceBeing a 5-star plugin, this has not received any negative reviews from users yet. It is maybe due to its all-rounder performance in coding, customer support, and customizability.
Highly configurable and versatile
Good documentation

Booknetic – WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointment Scheduling Price (As stated on the product page)

Booknetic – WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointment Scheduling has two pricing plans for its users. For personal use (regular license), this plugin will cost you $79. On the other hand, if you prefer to buy the SaaS version (extended license), it will cost you $489.

Our Verdict

The customers are extremely happy with this plugin. In our opinion, this is overall a good deal to go for; especially the idea of WhatsApp notifications is pretty unique for this kind of plugin.

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4. YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce

YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce plugin by YITH

YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce is one of the highly rated booking and appointment plugins for WooCommerce. 

Be it cars, rooms, houses, or anything else, this plugin will help you manage renting and booking your services for your customers within your website. 

Let us start with rooms or accommodation bookings. If you can leverage the best features of this plugin, making another Airbnb site will not be a daydream. You can set both check-in and check-out times and determine the number of guests who can book for your apartments or rooms. 

Apart from letting your customers book the rooms, you can also offer parking, linen change, cleaning and any other paid or free extra services as well. 

However, if you have beauty salon or law firms that require the clients to book for hourly or daily basis, this plugin also has the functionality to manage the appointments and booking of those types effectively. 

As this plugin lets you seamlessly integrate the bookings with Google Calendar, you can always stay updated regarding your upcoming bookings. 

Now, if you have a rental website where you rent out bikes, cars, or surfboards, sport equipment, garage, etc. this plugin can help you here as well.

Key Features

  • Unlimited booking products and service creation 
  • Booking duration selection (daily, hourly, monthly, etc.)
  • Setting booking price of offered products and services
  • Advanced price rules creation for bookable products
  • Set discounts based on seasons, events, or group of people 
  • Availability settings 
  • Advanced customization features 
  • Automatic notifications to customer and admin regarding booking creation, edits, cancellation, booking status change, and payment confirmation
  • Advanced rules for managing holidays, closures, and sickness
  • Create extra services (free or paid) along with booking products
  • Shortcodes and custom search forms
  • Manual booking creation and assigning them to any user
  • Monitor bookings through dedicated panel and in the built-in calendar
  • Google Calendar, Airbnb, Homeaway, etc. integration and sync.
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Full of options and combinationsA little tricky to configure
Incredibly flexible
Great integrations with WooCommerce products

YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Price (As stated on the product page)

YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce is quite a costly plugin to buy. You can buy this WooCommerce booking plugin at €249.99/year. 

This license will cover 1 year of updates and support. However, if you are not satisfied with this product, you can get the refund with their 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Our Verdict

If you have a good budget and you want to go for a greatly-praised booking plugin for WooCommerce, we recommend you to go for this one. 

They strive to constantly update the plugin with newer features and they seem to be quite serious when it comes to responding to the customers.

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5. Bookly PRO – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System

Bookly PRO -Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System plugin

Bookly Pro is a mobile-friendly and customizable booking, appointment, and scheduling plugin for WordPress websites. 

Also, because the plugin is mobile optimized, your clients can book appointments on the go from their smartphones and tabs.

The process of booking and scheduling the appointment takes only 6 steps for your clients. Choosing the right service, picking a time slot, booking multiple appointments (optional), providing user info, making payment, and receiving booking confirmation messages (via email/sms).

Featuring well-responsive layout, and user-friendly admin panel, this plugin is one of the few booking plugins that allow sending SMS notifications along with email notifications to all who book an appointment.

Key Features

  • Importable and exportable client list
  • Integratable to Zapier, and online meeting software like Zoom and Google Meet. 
  • Unlimited resources with different profiles, prices, schedules, and abilities 
  • Customizable templates for the SMS and email notifications 
  • Viewing and editing bookings online
  • Different appointment lengths and padding time
  • Off days, holidays, and weekends selection 
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly calendar view modes
  • Manual booking confirmation
  • Multi-language support
  • Built-in analytics along with the booking statistics
  • Sync between Bookly and Google Calendar
  • Filterable, searchable, and printable booking list
  • Exportable booking list in CSV
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
High customizabilityYou will need to buy some add-ons to get the best of this plugin.
No huge impact on site loading speed
A wide range of add-ons

Bookly Pro Price (As stated on the product page)

Bookly Pro regular license will cost you $89. At this price, you will get 6-months of support from the developer along with future updates. In case you want to extend the support to 12 months, you will need to add $31.50 extra. 

Note that Bookly Pro also has a free version on WordPress with limited functionalities.

Our Verdict

Bookly Pro can be a good choice for any business that depends on booking and appointments. Its customizability is commendable. However, apart from the cost of the core plugin, you may require to put some money on add-ons to explore the ultimate functionalities of the features. If you’re ready for that, you can definitely go for this plugin.

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6. Bookings for WooCommerce Pro

Bookings for WooCommerce Pro turn your ordinary WooCommerce store into an effective booking solution provider. WooCommerce Booking is a powerful plugin that enables store owners to create an online booking system that allows them to turn their products into online booking solutions and make them available to customers for a set period of time.

You can now simply book WordPress time slots, confirm/reject bookings, display reservation calendar listings, enable booking cancellations, promote booking availability, regulate booking duration, and much more using the Booking Calendar plugin’s capabilities. Making use of bookings plugin features, you can create an online booking system that caters to all your customer’s requirements with ease, it offers.

WooCommerce Bookings key features:

  • Booking list on WC Order Listing panel with Bookings tag.
  • Define the number of days for booking Cancellation/Processing.
  • Show/Hide booking Form details using render settings.
  • Early Bird Discount coupons are easily offered.
  • Pre-Booking email and SMS reminders for customers.
  • Booking Order Listing Calendar with comprehensive information.
  • Easily define booking Availability and Unavailability.
  • Customized Email/SMS Templates for different business types.

Pros highlights: (based on positive user reviews)

  • Best Plugins for WordPress
  • Great plugin and fast support
  • Flawless UI/UX

Cons highlights: (based on negative user reviews)

Being a 5-star plugin, the plugin has not received any negative reviews from users yet.

Bookings for WooCommerce Pro(As stated on the product page)

The single site license of the plugin will cost you $79, 5 sites are $159 and 10 sites is $259.

Our Verdict:

The bookings plugin by WP Swings is an outstanding approach to turning your ordinary WooCommerce store into an effective booking solution provider. You can now simply book WordPress time slots booking, confirm/reject bookings, display reservation calendar listings, enable booking cancellations, promote booking availability, regulate booking duration, and much more using the Bookings Plugin plugin’s capabilities.

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7. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar plugin by wpdevelop, oplugins

Booking Calendar is one of the oldest booking plugins that started its journey for WordPress users in 2009. 

Like other booking plugins for WordPress we’ve talked about in this post, this plugin offers tons of features and functionalities to receive booking for your properties and services. 

With a smooth user-interface, this WordPress WooCommerce booking plugin is really simple and easy to use. 

Once you configure this plugin properly on your website, your website visitors can check the availability of the properties or services you offer and make a full-day or partial-day booking. You can create a bunch of time slots to let your customers choose the one that suits them best and meet their needs. 

All your customers will need to do is to select their preferred day(s) or time slots in the calendar, fill the booking form fields, and submit the booking request. 

So, if you are renting out hotel rooms, houses, apartments, bikes, and cars, this plugin is a handy one for you. 

Apart from renting out all the properties, you can also use this booking calendar plugin for other purposes such as meeting scheduling, event scheduling, patient scheduling, and more. 

When it comes to the design of the plugin, you will find it sleek, customizable, and responsive. 

To let you manage the bookings, this plugin offers a booking admin panel with calendar overview and listing table booking display modes.]

Key Features

  • Booking calendar block in Gutenberg
  • Timeslots bookings 
  • View new booking number in the dashboard
  • Search and sort the booking with parameters and filters 
  • Prevent double booking
  • Set default date format
  • Set the number of months to show in calendar
  • Customize Calendar width, skin, and color
  • Add booking to Google Calendar
  • Singe day or multiple day selection modes
  • Set booking off-days or unavailable days
  • Booking listing pagination
  • Print bookings
  • Booking discounts for early or late booking
  • Add Notes
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Editing and cancellation of booking by visitors
  • Export to CSV
  • Import and export bookings via .ics feeds
  • Shortcodes for easy integration in posts or pages
  • Add calendar or booking form to sidebar
  • Responsive design for better appearance on any device
  • Notification emails for admins and customers
  • Approve or decline bookings 
  • CAPTCHA support 
  • Thank You page or message
  • Activate or deactivate form fields 
  • Fields validation
  • Multi-language support
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Import iCal calendar for freeSome coding knowledge required for better customization
Good and quick customer suppor
Versatile and easy to configure

Booking Calendar Price (As stated on the product page)

The free version of Booking Calendar plugin is available on WordPress.org plugin repository. 

This booking and appointment plugin has multiple premium price plans: Single (for 1 site), Developer (for 2 sites), and Multisite (for 5 sites). 

However, each pricing plan has 5 categories: Personal, Business Small, Business Medium, Business Large, and MultiUser. 

  • Single Site- Personal price: $79
  • Single Site- Business Small price: $149
  • Single Site-Business Medium price: $249
  • Single Site- Business Large price: $349
  • Single Site-Multi User price: $649
  • Developer Edition-Personal price: $119
  • Developer Edition- Business Small price: $199
  • Developer Edition-Business Medium price: $399
  • Developer Edition- Business Large price: $499
  • Developer Edition-Multi User price: $799
  • Multi Site Edition-Personal price: $149
  • Multi Site Edition-Business Small price: $299
  • Multi Site Edition-Business Medium price: $499
  • Multi Site Edition-Business Large price: $599
  • Multi Site Edition-Multi User price: $899

Note that you can use the plugin for lifetime after buying this booking plugin for once. You will receive the free updates till the next 6 months of update. More support and updates will require you to pay extra money.

Our Verdict

This plugin has got a lot of positive reviews from its users. If you can afford the price (quite high), this plugin is definitely a great choice.

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8. Amelia Appointments and Events WordPress Booking Plugin

Amelia Appointments and Events WordPress Booking Plugin by wpamelia

If you have installed and configured Amelia Appointments and Events WordPress Booking Plugin on your website, your customers will be able to book appointments and pay online even when you’re sleeping on your comfy bed. 

This plugin is a perfect choice for beauty salons, spa salons, private clinics, law consultants, repair centers, gym and sports and similar businesses that require a flexible and easy booking and payment process

Amelia features updated technology stack, design, as well as UX techniques, thanks to the developers of the plugin. 

With this plugin on your website, you can focus on your work rather than paying attention to payments or even hiring any assistant to attend the phone calls for reservation. 

Leveraging the SMS reminder feature, both you and your customers will remain updated about booked, canceled, and rescheduled appointments in real-time. 

Amelia Appointments and Events WordPress Booking plugin is easy to install and configure as it takes just a few clicks. If you are stuck somewhere, this plugin offers in-depth documentation along with the customer support.

Key Features

  • Admin dashboard with real-time insights using widgets, charts, and tables
  • Step-by-step booking wizard with smooth UX
  • Admin calendar view
  • Search booking widget to let customers search service and category by date, time range, and other criteria. 
  • Shortcode for embedding booking form
  • Business KPIs tracking from dashboard
  • Email notifications for the provider and customers
  • Double bookings prevention
  • Divi, Elementor, and Gutenberg blocks support
  • 20+ languages support
  • Multiple services, extras, and employees support
  • Four front-end views
  • Integrates with PayPal or Stripe and Google Calendar
  • Real-time notifications via SMS.
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Enough functions to make it workNo hooks at all
Easy to use with diverse modification option
Good support team

Amelia Price (As stated on the product page)

Amelia booking plugin has a lite version available on WordPress.org that you can download for free. However, to get the full functionality or all the features, you have to buy the Amelia Pro version from their official website. 

Amelia offers both annual and lifetime licenses for the users. Annual licenses are also sold in three plans: Basic, Pro, and Developer. 

To buy Amelia Basic annual version, you’ll have to pay $79/per year for 1 domain. 

Next, if you want to buy the Amelia Pro annual version, you’ll have to pay US$119/per year for up to 3 domains. 

Last, to buy the Amelia Developer annual version, you have to spend $249/per year for unlimited domains. 

Now, if you want to take a lifetime, the Basic Lifetime will cost you $199 for 1 domain, Pro Lifetime will cost you $399 for 3 domains, and Developer Lifetime will cost you $589 for unlimited domains. 

Note that, annual licenses will offer 1 year of premium support and updates while the Lifetime licenses will offer lifetime support and updates.

Our Verdict

Though the full version of the Amelia plugin does not offer any hooks or any source code for the plugin, this plugin is worth-trying. If you dare not buy the pro version yet, we suggest you start trying with the free version to see if the plugin is capable of meeting your unique needs.

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9. Tyche Softwares – Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

Tyche Softwares-Booking and Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce by TycheSoftwares

Tyche Softwares – Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce enables you to turn your WooCommerce products into bookable ones.

 It does not matter whether you have subscription products, simple products, variable products, grouped products, composite products, bundled product types, you can make these all bookable using this plugin. 

Apart from letting your customers book for appointments, you can also offer flexible time bookings, single/multiple day bookings, and rentals as well. 

With easy Zoom integration, taking booking for virtual events and recurring bookings was never so easy as it is with this plugin. 

When your customers book for your services or products, they can view the booking details in all the associated steps throughout the checkout process. 

You, as a website owner, can easily set booking availability and resources. 

Like most of the booking plugins, this plugin also offers automatic booking reminder emails and allows setting special prices for special dates, time slots, or any weekdays of your choice.

Key Features

  • Schedule appointments full day and overnight along with rentals
  • Sync WooCommerce bookings
  • Set appointment limitations for slots
  • Booking is exportable or syncable to Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook Calendar
  • Manual booking via phone
  • Booking dates and times change on checkout plus cart pages
  • Show available booking blocks to customers
  • Send SMS and Email reminders
  • WPML compatible
  • Booking confirmation and denial system
  • Choose unbookable days 
  • Export bookings in pdf, excel, and csv. 
  • Show time slots in local time zone of the customer
  • Price variation on booking days numbers
  • Create booking for any types of default WooCommerce products 
  • Booking availability search by dates
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Easy to useYou may find some bugs
Saves hours of coding
Fast and responsive customer service

Tyche Softwares – Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce Price (As stated on the product page)

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce has three pricing plans. All of these plans offer a yearly license and there is no lifetime deal available for this plugin. 

The starter plan of this plugin will cost you $119/year for 1 store. Next, the business plan will cost $199/ year that you can use for up to 5 stores. And last, the enterprise plan can be bought at $249/year, which you can use for unlimited stores.

Our Verdict

It would definitely be a better deal if it would offer lifetime licenses for the customers. However, it’s still a good choice for its functionality and features.

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10. RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

RnB - WooCommerce Booking and Rental Plugin by redqteam

RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin is one of the popular booking and appointment plugins developed by redqteam. This plugin is easy to install, configure, and use. 

Developed keeping the need of the booking and rental sites in mind, this plugin works really well for cars, bikes, tools, dress, gadgets, and other rental businesses. 

Leveraging this plugin on your WooCommerce website, you can add unlimited rental products by setting your pricing and calendar as per your preference. 

This plugin also offers the option to add a “request for quote” section for your products. This option enables your customers to negotiate and lets you set custom pricing for individual customers. Apart from this, you can set hourly price ranges, limitless paypable resources, persons, and more. 

Being compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce plugin, this plugin offers a wide range of settings in the backend such as setting up the minimum and max bookings days, block rental hours and days, opening and closing time on daily basis, date format, etc. Last but not least, WPML support will help you make your website truly multilingual.

Key Features

  • Let customers request for a quote 
  • Control product availability 
  • Set unlimited bookable products
  • Manage multiple inventory along with multiple quantities
  • Order/booking email notifications and management
  • Invoice system
  • Cancel order by customers
  • Customer dashboard and profile
  • 3 date formats
  • Payment due option
  • Hour based/flat hour based/hour range based pricing
  • Kilometer based pricing
  • Unlimited person with person cost
  • Late hour management
  • Block days initially
  • Discount based on coupon 
  • Booking price breakdown
  • Order status control 
  • Prepayment during booking
  • Choose from normal or modal booking layout
  • Integrated with Google Calendar and payment gateways like PayPal, bank transfer, and credit cards.
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Good Customer SupportDocumentation is a bit complicated to understand at first
Not Expensive
Simple, adaptable, and clean

RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin Price (As stated on the product page)

RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin is available on envato market for $29. At this price, you’ll get future updates along with 3 months of support. To get extended support to 12 months, you have to pay $9 extra along with the plugin price.

Our Verdict

Buying this plugin is an extremely good deal at such a low price! However, this plugin is a great choice for you if your business is focused more on rentals rather than on booking and appointment.

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10. Pinpoint Booking System Pro WordPress Plugin


Pinpoint Booking System Pro WordPress Plugin is another booking and appointment plugin that lets you customers book anything anytime from your website. 

If you can leverage this booking plugin perfectly, you’ll be able to receive online appointments, reservations, and appointments from your customers from the comfort of your home. 

Simply put, If you offer accommodations for rent, services to schedule, and events to book for you clients, this is the plugin you need to use on your WordPress website.

Using its easy to use, responsive, and fast user interface, your clients can check the availability of the services you provide. Also, they can request for booking the services using the AJAX calendar artistically placed on your website. 

Note that, the booking calendar that comes with this plugin is well-customizable from the customers’ end. 

Your customers can choose the number of months to view in the calendar and search for availability effortlessly. They can also select how many items or rooms they need for them. Furthermore, they can apply coupons and select extras if they need so if you have the extensions installed.

Key Features

  • Suitable for both small and big companies
  • Easily manageable and intuitive admin area
  • Responsive booking calendar for any device and time zone
  • Booking by days, nights, hours, and minutes
  • A wide range of booking calendar extensions to add forms, discounts, extras, coupons, etc. 
  • Supports WooCommerce integration 
  • Book hours intervals
  • Google Calendar Sync API
  • Sync with iCal, Outlook, etc. 
  • Send email or sms notifications to customers 
  • 8 online payment gateways such as Stripe, Wepay, 2Checkout, Braintree, Authorize.Net, etc. 
  • Multicurrency and multilingual support
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Offers shortcodesInadequate support documentation
Gives more control over design
Easy to set up

Pinpoint Booking System Pro WordPress Plugin Price (As stated on the product page)

Pinpoint Booking System Pro WordPress Plugin offers 3 pricing plans: Personal, Business, and Developer. No matter which license plan you buy, you’ll always get 1 year of update and support. 

If you buy a personal license, you can use it on 1 site for $70. 

If you choose to buy the business license, it will cost you $140. You can use this plan for up to 5 sites. 

However, if you’re a developer and you need to use this plugin for as many as 25 sites, you can buy the Developer license at $280. 

By the way, this plugin too does not have any lifetime deal for the users. 

Note that this plugin also has a free version available on WordPress plugin directory.

Our Verdict

Shortcodes, intuitive UI, and fresh design have made this plugin stand out. However, if you feel like this is costlier than your budget and you just need a simple appointments plugin, you can try the free version at first from WordPress.

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11. WooCommerce Appointments

WooCommerce Appointments by BizzThemes

WooCommerce Appointments plugin by Bizz Themes lets you set appointable products for WooCommerce. 

Featuring seamless integration with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Google Calendar, this plugin lets you take appointment payments in advance from your customers. 

As your customers will remain updated with notifications and reminders regarding their appointment, it is less likely to miss the appointment on due time. 

Apart from receiving booking from the customers, you can also help them by adding the booking manually from your end which will also be synched to your Google Calendar. 

When it comes to calendar administration, you can always view and edit all your appointments inside the flexible calendar. 

Being appointment focused and having addons, this WooCommerce appointments plugin is easy and quick to set up.

Key Features

  • Weekly or daily view calendar 
  • Flexible email notifications
  • 2-way Google Calendar sync
  • White Label
  • Built on WooCommerce
  • Shortcode insertion
  • Country-based pricing
  • Multilingual support
  • Schedule for multiple days
  • Assign multiple resources
  • Linked time slots and padding time
  • Reduced or extended duration 
  • Approval before payment 
  • Timezone conversion 
  • Flexible capacity, availability, and pricing rules
  • SMS reminders with WC Twilio
  • Integrates with popular WooCommerce extensions

WooCommerce Appointments Price (As stated on the product page)

WooCommerce Booking plugin has 3 annual plans. A single site license costs $89/year. If you buy a license that covers up to 5 sites, you need to spend $129/year. Last, if you need to use WooCommerce appointments plugin for up to 25 sites, you have to buy a license that costs $299/year. 

Note that the renewal of all yearly licenses is 50% off. However, there is no lifetime deal available for this WooCommerce reservations plugin.

Our Verdict

We could not find any review section of the plugin to judge what the regular users think of this plugin. So, you have to buy it depending on the demo and  believing the words of the developers. 

If you don’t like that, you can try any other WooCommerce booking add-on (with pros and cons) from this blog.

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13. BirchPress Scheduler- Premium WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

BirchPress Scheduler- Premium WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

If you run a small business, BirchPress Scheduler WordPress Appointment Booking plugin can be a perfect choice for you. This plugin adds booking facilities to your website and lets the customers book appointments effortlessly.

BirchPress Scheduler works greatly for health and wellness, salon and beauty, fitness and recreation, healthcare, professional services etc.

BirchPress Scheduler WordPress booking plugin lets you embed the booking form to any post or page using shortcode. Your customers can see the booking availability and book appointments online accordingly from the comfort of their home; no calling or SMS required. 

This plugin works seamlessly with calendar apps like Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook. Both the appointments and availability can be imported and exported automatically by leveraging the calendar sync feature. 

If you configure the notification email feature properly, a client will get notified via email regarding the booking status (booked, rescheduled, canceled). Also, you can make use of email reminders to send your customers friendly email reminders about their upcoming appointments so that they don’t miss the appointment.

Key Features

  • Customizable booking form
  • Embed via shortcodes 
  • Accept online payments via payment gateways like Paypal
  • Email notifications to staff and clients
  • Email reminders for upcoming appointments 
  • Block holidays 
  • Cancel and reschedule appointments (for Business and Business+ plan users)
  • Set minimum time requirement before booking
  • Group booking (for Business and Business+ plan users)
  • WP user integration (for Business and Business+ plan users)
  • Define the limit of advanced appointment time 
  • Developer-friendly
  • After-booking page redirection (for Business and Business+ plan users)
  • Length of time slot configuration (for Business and Business+ plan users)
  • Access control for staffs (for Business+ plan users)
  • WooCommerce integration (for Business+ plan users)
Pros highlights (based on our research)Cons highlights (based on our research)
Good for small business ownersNot available for multiple websites
Embeddable shortcodes
Developer friendly

BirchPress Scheduler- Premium WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin Price (As stated on the product page)

BirchPress Scheduler- Premium WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin has 3 pricing plans. All of these come with 1 year of updates and support. 

The personal business plan price is $99/1 site. Business plan price is $199/1 site. And, Business plan price is $249/1 site. 

There is no lifetime plan available and no annual plan covers more than 1 website.

Our Verdict

We recommend this plugin for small business owners only. One big drawback of this plugin is that all the pricing plans are available for 1 website only.

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14. Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress

Booked - Appointment Booking for WordPress plugin by BoxyStudio

Developed by BoxyStudio, Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress is a simple yet powerful booking plugin available on Envato Market. It is a fully compatible plugin which means that  the booking calendar can be viewed with the same sharpness from all types of devices. 

This offers multiple calendars to let you add as many calendars as you want with different time slots and custom fields. On top of that, you can assign each calendar to suitable booking agents to handle. 

This plugin also features guest booking which enables you to allow the guest visitors to book appointments without any sign up or login. What the guest visitors will all need is to use their names and email addresses. 

By dint of the custom time slots, you can choose vacation days and make exceptions. 

As this plugin features color pickers, you have all the liberty to customize the look of your calendars to your heart’s content. 

With a variety of add-ons that come by-default with the purchase of the plugin, your can let customers purchase appointments and checkout with WooCommerce and let your booking agents handle their incoming appointment requests. 

What’s more, Calendar Feeds add-on enables you to display the appointments on Outlook, Apple calendar, etc.

Key Features

  • Add custom calendar with handy builder
  • Multiple booking agents and calendars 
  • Custom time slots
  • Appointment approval system
  • Offers shortcodes
  • Dedicated profile page for all customers 
  • Mange pending and approved appointments from customer profile
  • Display custom login or registration form at any page with shortcode
  • Built-in color pickers for calendars 
  • Registered booking or guest booking
  • Lifetime free updates
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Easy to set upCustomer support is not up to the mark
Easy to customizeNo recent updates
Sleek design

Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress Price (As stated on the product page)

Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress is available on Envato market at $49. You will get all the future updates along with 6-months of support at this price. However, you can extend the support period to 12 months by paying $16.50 extra with the price.

Our Verdict

If you are not very good at coding, this plugin might not be a perfect one for you as many users have reported the lack of customer support and absence of any recent updates.

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15. Appointment Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar plugin by codepeople

Appointment Booking Calendar is a freemium appointment calendar plugin that lets you accept bookings online. 

This plugin lets you design an interactive calendar with different time slots for the appointment that your visitors can book. This plugin is an ideal choice for doctor consultation, event organization, and transportation businesses. 

You can set a specific time and the number of max booking for individual time slots as per your preference. The booking form is connected to the PayPal payment process for easy transactions. However, if you have the premium version of the plugin, you can have other payment methods as well. 

Apart from configuring the maximum time slots a customer can select, you can also configure the minimum number of slots a customer has to select. If you want to allow your customers to select various time slots on the same date, you can also do from the settings. 

To make the appointment data easily manageable, there is the option to export them to a CSV file. 

When it comes to the design of the calendar, you’re in the driver’s seat to choose from Classic, Light, and Blue themes from the admin area. 

To keep the customer informed about the appointments, there is also an email reminder feature in the pro version of the plugin.

Key Features

  • Define appointment booking capacity for time slots 
  • Define the starting day of the week
  • Block specific dates 
  • Twilio SMS addon
  • Export data to excel/csv files 
  • Set minimum and maximum available date
  • AM, PM, and military time support
  • Multiple time slots selection
  • Notification and confirmation email after booking payment
  • Assign users to the booking calendar 
  • Export appointments to Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Customize the notification and confirmation email texts
  • Multi-page calendar
  • Automatic time-zone conversion
  • Multi-page forms 
  • Discount or coupon code support
  • Email reminders for the appointments
  • Restricted and special dates tabs 
  • Translation-ready
  • Upload files 
  • Visual form builder and basic form fields
  • Drop-down fields for multiple prices and services
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Stable and reliableOnly PayPal payments in the free version
Good customer support
Captcha verification in the free version

Appointment Booking Calendar Price (As stated on the product page)

The free version of Appointment Booking Calendar is available to download from WordPress plugin directory. When it comes to the premium versions, this plugin offers three pricing plans: Professional, Developer, and Platinum. 

The Professional pricing plan will cost you €49.99. If you are a developer and need more features, you can try the developer plan at €99.99. To get all the best features of the plugin with a lot of addons and integrations, you have to go for the Platinum plan that costs €149.99.

Our Verdict

The free or basic version has very limited features. If you want to explore the best of this WordPress booking plugin, you have to choose from the premium versions.

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16. Booking calendar, Appointment Booking System

Booking calendar, Appointment Booking System by wpdevart

Booking calendar, Appointment Booking System plugin will help you build any kinds of scheduling calendar from scratch within a few minutes. Being user friendly and responsive, this tool features a wide range of useful features along with a lot of settings. 

From the calendars page of the plugin, you will be able to add new calendars and edit or delete old ones that are no longer in use. 

When it comes to calendar customization, you can set the available, booked, and unavailable days. Also, you can set the number or quantity of bookable products and services. Moreover, you will also be able to set the price of the bookable products or services. 

If you want to display any information for the users in the front-end, you can do so as well. Similarly, you can display information for the admins to see from their admin panel in the back-end.

From the dedicated reservations page, you can view, approve, reject, delecte, or cancel any reservations or appointments. While the forms page will let you create, edit, and delete forms. This plugin offers 4 different types of fields for you to add on your forms. 

Themes page lets you create new themes, configure the design options, and more.

Key Features

  • Unlimited calendars, forms, themes, and extras
  • Show or hide check-in and check-out
  • Add info for users and admins
  • Email notifications 
  • Minimum and maximum day value
  • Multi-user functionality
  • Single or multiple day selection 
  • Set the starting day of the week 
  • Payment system integration with pay in cash feature
  • Select unavailable days 
  • Discount option
  • Booking events by hours 
  • Edit reservations from admin panel
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • PayPal integrated
  • Responsive design with user friendly back-end 
  • Change currency and default texts 
  • Single view and month view reservations
Pros highlights (based on positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on negative user reviews)
Easy to set up and integrateThe free version features are not very useful.
Amazing customer support
Flexible refund policy

Booking calendar, Appointment Booking System Price (As stated on the product page)

Booking calendar, Appointment Booking System has a free version on WordPress. Apart from the free version, it has two premium versions as well. One (known as the extended version) comes with an integrated payment system and the other comes without any payment system. 

The extended version of the plugin has 3 pricing plans: Personal, Business, and Developer. Personal plan is usable on 1 site and costs $60. The business plan covers up to 5 sites and costs $90. And, the developer version covers unlimited websites at $120. 

However, if you choose to buy this booking plugin without a payment system, you will be able to buy the plans at a reduced price. In that case, the personal license will cost you $30, business license $45, and developer license $60. But, apart from the absence of the payment system, some other features like discount options, reservation edit option, etc. are also missing in this version of the plugin.

Our Verdict

The flexibility of buying with or without payment system features is a unique one. However, good customer support and low price have contributed to the popularity of this plugin. We recommend you to go for the premium version of this plugin after trying the free version to see if it is the best booking plugin for your WooCommerce business.

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17. WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin

WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin by extendons

Though WooCommerce Booking & Reservation is almost a new plugin, this has acquired good ratings from its users on Envato Market. 

This Booking & Reservation plugin lets your customers book for any of your products or services.

Apart from having the common booking features most of the booking plugins have, this booking plugin has something very unique like dynamic pricing and Google Map integration for displaying location.

With this plugin, you can add multiple bookable products and services with their price and availability. Your customers can choose to book the products or services for the time that’s suitable for them. To let the customers select days or time slots, a booking calendar is there to help. 

To make sure your customers stay updated about their booking, you can configure and send emails to them after check-out, after booking, and even one day before check-out. 

This plugin also lets you create bookings on behalf of the customers if they’re unable to create booking by themselves or they book via telephone or email.

Key Features

  • Display free and optional services
  • Dynamic pricing based on person types (adults, kids, etc.)
  • Set price range for persons, rooms, etc. 
  • Set booking cancelation timeframe
  • Send booking notifications via email
  • Set pricing for peak days 
  • Customize email templates
  • View all the bookings from booking calendar 
  • WPML compatible 
  • Fixed or customer-defined booking duration
  • Allow booking cancelation by customers
  • View all reservations from calendar
  • Set minimum and maximum persons
Pros highlights (based on research/ positive user reviews)Cons highlights (based on research/negative user reviews)
Extremely affordableNo add-ons available
Fast customer support
High-rated plugin

WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin Price (As stated on the product page)

WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin by extendons offer both regular and extended license. The regular license will cost you $29, while the extended license is sold at $175.

Our Verdict

The positive reviews from its customers signify that this plugin has a great potential ahead if the developer team continue their effort to improve it and make it more feature-rich. If you want to use a futuristic WooCommerce booking plugin for the days to come, this is really a great grab.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best WooCommerce Booking Plugins

If you are confused about how to choose the best WooCommerce booking plugins for your WordPress website, then this section is for you. 

Let us tell you 7 things you should consider while choosing the right WooCommerce booking plugins for your website:

User Reviews and Ratings

It is not the developers, it is the users whom you should count as a judge while choosing the best WooCommerce booking plugins for your store. It’s because developers will never say any cons or disadvantages about what they create. 

To find out whether a plugin will be best for you, the best practice is to check the user ratings and read the user reviews. 

You can check the 5-star rating to find out the pros and 1-star ratings to find out the cons of any booking plugin from the product landing page.

Functionality and Utility

A booking plugin should feature all the primary and basic functionality of a booking plugin by default. However, your brand or company nature might require special functionalities and utility. 

In that case, you must prioritize both advanced functionality and utility of a booking plugin to meet your needs.


At certain times, you have to change or customize the default settings of a plugin for better UI, UX, and customer satisfaction.

More customizable a plugin is, the better it is for you. WooCommerce bookings plugins are no exception.

Try to use a booking plugin that is easy to customize and offers enough room for customization.

Ease of Use

A booking plugin for WooCommerce should be as easy as WordPress. Ease of use is one of the basic qualities that makes a plugin stand alone in the crowd. 

To know whether a plugin is easy to use, you can check the demos and read the user reviews of a plugin to know how easy it is to configure and use the plugin in real life.

Customer Support

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Think of the time when you get stuck with a complex booking settings and see a bug that you must need to get fixed. Yes, that’s the time when you will feel how important customer support can be.

When buying any plugin to manage bookings, you should see whether you are offered at least 6 months of customer support from the developer with the purchase. It will help you get in touch with a customer care executive to solve any problem you face via support tickets, chats, and emails.

Regular Updates

Never go for a dead and abandoned WooCommerce booking addon. A WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin should be regularly updated to keep it free of bugs. 

Regular updates also help to keep a Woo Commerce booking plugin stay compatible with the latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce, and other related plugins. So, be wise and choose a WooCommerce appointment booking plugin that’s regularly updated.


There are many Woo Bookings plugins that are freemium and some are only premium. If you choose the premium version of a plugin, it means you have to pay for the plugin, right? However, your budget is also a matter of consideration here. 

A plugin with a complete WooCommerce booking system may not be very cheap. If you need a plugin with advanced options, integrations, sync, and features, you’ll have to spend a bit more. 

However, as we have mentioned prices with the WordPress booking plugins above, you can match the features with the prices and find a plugin that suits your budget without sacrificing the features you need for your online business. 

Apart from all these aspects you should also see whether your plugin offers sleek design, responsiveness, sync bookings, required integrations, and compatibility.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations for coming so far! By now, you know about 16 free and pro WooCommerce bookings plugins with their features, pros, cons, price, and our verdict. A buying guide is also added to let you help find your best bookings plugin. 

We hope that you have got the right plugin already to manage appointments and bookings seamlessly on your WordPress website. 

However, if you own a WooCommerce store and need to create a product feed to promote your products to Facebook, TikTok, Google Shopping, and 100+ other shopping platforms, we would invite you to check the CTX Feed plugin once. 

Letting you create WooCommerce product feeds for a variety of platforms, this freemium plugin comes with a 30 Days money-back guarantee without any question asked.

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