Best WooCommerce product feed plugin for Google, Facebook, bing & eBay

Best WooCommerce Product Feed Plugin for Google, Facebook, eBay, and more

Nowadays, reaching out to customers via online marketing has become very competitive. To display your products to a large audience, you must have an intelligent approach. WooCommerce product feed plugin is a game-changing tool for online store owners.

Your strategy must be out of the box to compete in today’s marketplace. WooCommerce product feed has taken the approach of marketing to a new level. It can represent your products efficiently to every marketing channel out there. 

This article will guide you on the best WooCommerce product feed plugin for Google, Facebook, eBay, and more. 

About WooCommerce Product Feed

The product feed contains product-related information that you want to display to your customers. A feed file includes product title, price, description, image, stock information, and more. It also includes the product data required by merchant sites such as Google, eBay, Facebook, etc.

Store owners can customize and include more product-related information in a product feed. All this product information is finally represented to customers via different marketing channels. 

Merchants have the liberty to transfer the product feed file into multiple marketing channels. Usually, the feed file comes in CSV, TXT, and XML format. The format of a WooCommerce feed file depends on the arrangement of product information.

The key purpose of a product feed is to include all the product information of your store in one file. Uploading the feed file to your preferred marketing channels is another crucial step to complete. Ultimately, you will be able to manage all your product information in an advanced way.

Importance of WooCommerce Product Feed as a Retailer

A properly generated WooCommerce product feed will bring you numerous benefits. Your marketing effort gets minimized with increased sales outcomes. In this age of competition, you will get the competitive advantage that you are looking for.

We are pointing out the importance of WooCommerce product feed that you cannot avoid as a retailer: 

Improved leads and conversion

A massive number of customers get exposure to your products via the WooCommerce product feed. So, it increases the chance to bring qualified leads to your online shop. 

With qualified leads, you will have a better chance to compete in the marketplace. From qualified leads, you will get more conversions. As a result, your business growth jumps to a whole new level. 

Product data automation

Product feed automates your marketing effort into a whole new level. There are lots of popular marketing channels where you want to promote your products. Running campaigns in multiple marketing channels has become easier due to product feed.

Assuming you have a huge online store with multiple products and product variations. You may need to add all your product-related information in a file for marketing purposes. If you do this manually, it will take a long time to complete this process. 

If you can transfer all the product data in one single file, you can easily update it. With a product feed file, you can manage the product data transfer and update automatically. You will need a tool to complete the process automatically, which we will explain later. 

Exposure to your customers 

There are many marketing channels out there, and some of them are very popular. Marketing channels include a vast customer base with higher search volume. People visit these channels for searching, comparing, and ultimately buying products.

Some Popular marketing channels are: 

  • Google Merchant Center
  • Instagram Shop
  • Pinterest 
  • eBay 
  • Idealo
  • Bing Shopping 
  • Skroutz
  • Trovaprezzi
  • Wish 
  • Yandex 

These marketing channels are designed to display a product when a customer searches. Only the best or optimized WooCommerce product data are displayed against a search query. So the best search results are represented to the customers. 

If you format your WooCommerce product data correctly, it will have a higher chance of being displayed. Potential customers will buy from your WooCommerce store without looking for other options.

Triggering buying intention 

WooCommerce product feed enables you to upload your store’s updated product information. So, customers will get updated product information while searching. Their satisfaction level increases by getting the exact product that they are looking for.

The buying intention of a customer automatically increases when they get the best search outcome. Optimized WooCommerce product feed represents exceptional search output among your competitors. Your customer gets attached to your online store and builds a long-term relationship. 

Expanding the customer base 

Running marketing campaigns on popular channels will surely increase your customer base. Google, Facebook, and other marketing channels have a huge customer base that is regularly growing. Your customer base will increase rapidly by running campaigns on multiple marketing channels. 

Providing complete product data to customers 

WooCommerce product feed comes in a very structured format and displays essential product information. You should share your product information carefully because product promotion is not free.

Provide all the product information via a product feed file to your customers. You Just need to install one of the best WooCommerce product feed plugin named CTX Feed to do so.  

CTX Feed – WooCommerce product Feed for Google, Bing, eBay, and many more 

We have already introduced so many benefits of product feed. Now, let’s learn about the benefits of the product feed generator plugin. You can compare other available and compare why we call it the best plugin.  You will be amazed by the benefits this plugin brings to your store. 


After creating the product feed, you have to manage and optimize your product feed in various channels. To simplify your feed management process, you must try the CTX Feed plugin. It has made the feed creation and distribution process. 

CTX feed is indeed the best option for creating the most optimized WooCommerce Product Feed. The plugin includes all the support required for leading marketing channels like Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Bing, etc. It also works with the leading local marketing channels for product promotion. 

CTX Feed supports five different file formats for the generated feed file. You can use the file format required by any marketing channel. You can also create multiple product feeds for any number of products. 

Key Features of CTX Feed 

Key Features of CTX Feed woocommerce plugin

Unlimited feed 

Want to organize your marketing effort according to your style? No worries because CTX Feed allows you to create an unlimited number of WooCommerce product feeds. Not only that, you can create the feed file for an unlimited number of products as well. No matter how extensive your inventory is, the plugin can transform your product data into a feed file.  

Merchant sites (Google, Facebook, eBay, and many more)

This highly customizable WooCommerce product feed plugin supports 100+ merchant sites. This means you have a greater chance to display your products to a large number of audiences. 

As a retailer, you must be willing to select your target audience locally and globally. CTX feed allows you to integrate product feed for global and local channels that are ranking top. You can also go to this link to learn more about the supported platforms of this plugin.

CTX Feed is constantly updating and including more platforms in its list of templates. You don’t need to worry much about the supporting platforms. You just need to sit back and invest more time in developing a marketing strategy. 


This featureful plugin includes pre-built templates for almost every popular marketing channel. These templates are supported in over 200+ countries. You can even customize the available product feed templates when needed. 

With user-friendly interface and template options, create your product feed file within a few clicks. You can build a custom template if your marketing channels template is not available. 

Well-built logical conditioning 

This well-designed plugin includes two layers of filtering options: basic and advanced filtering. The basic filtering option represents products that best match your preference. Whereas, advanced filtering option offers you to add logical conditioning while searching. 

You have to control your WooCommerce product feed with perfection to get the best business outcome. Including and excluding product information has been made easy in this plugin. 

Multilingual support 

Nowadays, multilingual sites are a widespread trend. Other plugins make it easy to run multilingual sites on the WooCommerce platform. WIth CTX Feed, you can create WooCommerce product feeds in multiple languages

Multilingual support is essential to draw more customers to your website. If you are willing to expand your business globally, then this feature is a must. The bond between your business and customer increases by presenting the data in their local language. 

Multi-vendor support

A multi-vendor site is also an essential feature that helps to expand your business effort. Most online businesses are interested in creating websites such as Amazon and eBay. Multivendor support is required if you have a multi-vendor-enabled site.

CTX Feed comes with a multi-vendor support option. You will be able to select single or multiple vendors while creating the WooCommerce product feed. 

Category mapping 

Category mapping is a very crucial feature of a WooCommerce product feed creation process. It creates a connection between your store’s product category and googles shopping category. 

 Merchant sites such as Google have their category mapping requirements. 

Your WooCommerce product category and Google shopping category must align. It helps to represent the search result properly to the customers. Category mapping is essential to create an optimized WooCommerce product feed.


You can easily customize your WooCommerce Product feed file according to your merchant site’s requirements. It has access to 100+ merchant sites. The response time of this plugin is very fast in terms of receiving and executing user commands.

You can also customize the product information by adding prefixes or suffixes to your product data. This option will allow users to add promotional texts or other information with your feed attributes. 

Users can limit the output length of the product data according to the merchant site’s requirements. They can also format the product data using UTF-8 encore, removing space, CDATA, HTML entities, etc. 

Smooth user interface 

You easily navigate through every option of CTX feed and create a WooCommerce product feed. You don’t need any technical knowledge to operate this user-friendly plugin.

To generate and configure the feed file, you don’t need to go to another window or tab. All the feed configuration settings are available in one window. 


Users can also access the feed file via HTTP or HTTPS Format. For flexible accessibility, merchants can collect product information via secured URLs. They can also update the product information with it. 


Using this plugin, you can manually upload your site’s product information to the merchant site. It also offers an auto-upload option with FTP support. So, users automatically upload the products to their preferred channel.


Updating the product information manually is unrealistic when you have a huge inventory. The schedule feed option of CTX feed updates your feed file according to a schedule. This automatic update process minimizes.

Utilizing WooCommerce Product Feed in Leading Platforms 

Google shopping 

Google is the leading search engine where most people are searching for products. It represents numerous suggestions when someone conducts a search query. 

Google Shopping Banner

It will be great If your products are represented as a suggestion or search outcome in Google. Your store’s performance and appearance will highly increase. Obviously, your store will generate more sales and revenue. 

Import your WooCommerce product feed on Google Merchant and enlist your products on google. In addition, you can learn more about how you can utilize Google to expand your WooCommerce business. 

Facebook catalog 

Facebook is the most popular social media which is always flooded with active users. The platform expanded the user criteria from social media to business purposes. People search for products on this platform because it has become a vast marketplace as well.

Create facebook catelog with this woocommerce product feed plugin

You can enlist your store’s product in Facebook Business and create Facebook Catalog. You can share your products and get more customers on this platform. With CTX Feed, transferring the WooCommerce product feed on Facebook is easier.

Instagram shopping 

Instagram is another popular social media platform that is owned by Facebook. This platform includes more than billions of active users. 

Instagram Shopping for woocommerce product feed plugin

The customizable storefront of Instagram allows users to shop directly from business profile pages. People can easily find their preferred product and brand on this platform.

Business owners can tag their products on Instagram posts. Customers can see the relevant product information by clicking on the tags. Finally, the customer will be able to purchase from your store via Instagram. Follow this link to learn how you can set up and optimize the WooCommerce Instagram shop.

Pinterest product catalog

Pinterest is another popular social media platform to share inspirations. People shares and search for new ideas on this platform. Brilliant ideas on cooking, design, fashion, and many more topics are available on this platform. 

Create Pinterest product feed with CTX feed plugin

You can transfer your product information and ideas to Pinterest via the Pinterest product catalog. With CTX Feed, you can create a Pinterest product catalog conveniently. Follow this link to learn how you can boost your sales via Pinterest.

Final Words

Google, Bing, and other marketing channels display products according to a customer’s search query. Your WooCommerce products will outstand in the market if you place them in these channels. 

CTX Feed offers all the necessary features to import your product information into marketing channels. The plugin is capable enough to generate the most optimized WooCommerce product feed. We tried to portray the most notable features this plugin offers, but there are more to explore. 

We highly recommend you to learn more about CTX Feed and expand your business through multiple channels.

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