How to create a WooCommerce pdf invoice

How to Create a WooCommerce PDF Invoice

PDF invoices are a must-have feature for your WooCommerce store. We hope that you are successfully running your WooCommerce store. If you already don’t have a proper automatic WooCommerce PDF invoice generation, you must make it a priority. 

First and foremost, generating a WooCommerce PDF invoice is one of the most straightforward tasks for a store owner. It is so simple that you will regret being late to implement it. PDF invoices are crucial, and your customers need them for various purposes. Let’s get to know how easily you can generate a PDF invoice for your store.

Online shopping, pdf invoice, and WooCommerce

Various platforms help business owners to create an online store. Due to the rise of online shopping, the industry is experiencing rapid changes. Modern eCommerce platforms are offering brilliant features to make the online shopping experience more satisfactory. 

The brilliant options give us the much-desired flavor of physical shopping. We can get a detailed look at the product and know details about it on our mobile phones. WooCommerce is one of the leading platforms to help create and manage an online store. WooCommerce is highly popular due to the flexibility that comes with it.

One of the prominent reasons behind the success of WooCommerce is its flexible options to start and manage your shop. It offers the perfect flexibility for the store owner to get started with an online store. People love simple steps and a lower learning curve when they are starting something. 

Apart from this, WooCommerce also offers a wide range of options to enhance and customize your online store. In the WordPress plugins repository, you will find lots of plugins created to enhance or extend the default features of WooCommerce. Creating a WooCommerce PDF invoice is also a breeze.

We have found that people love WooCommerce for lots of reasons. The open-source philosophy and customization options are perfect for most users. On top of that, developers also love WooCommerce for their custom online store development projects.

As a result, you will find lots of developers who are eager to take on projects with WooCommerce. WooCommerce extensions are brilliant because they give you the power to reach your desired goal. Not just WooCommerce PDF invoices; if you need a new feature on your online shop, there should be an option ready for you.

Create WooCommerce pdf invoices

Now when a person makes an online purchase, they expect a PDF invoice for their purchase. The PDF invoice works as proof of the purchase, and they also help to claim a dispute. 

Apart from that, there are tons of other reasons when people require a PDF invoice. Let’s say you are purchasing something for your company, and you will have to attach the PDF invoice to your official document. Without the PDF invoice, you cannot present valid proof of your purchase. 

So as the store owner, you should create and deliver a WooCommerce PDF invoice before your customers ask for one.

Now comes the critical question, how do you create and deliver automatic PDF invoices to your customers. You can think of manual PDF invoice generation, but it is not sustainable in the long run. 

Because, as your store will grow and there will be more orders, you cannot simply carry on creating a PDF invoice for every order. Moreover, the manually created PDF invoices will not be instantly delivered to the customers.

Additionally, there can be other delays too. So, you must be convinced that PDF invoices are essential, and you cannot avoid them.

The best you can do is to get a WooCommerce PDF invoice generation plugin that will automatically do the job for you. Challan is a leading WooCommerce PDF invoice, shipping label, and packing slip generator plugin. 

It comes with all the best possible features you can desire in a WooCommerce PDF invoice generator plugin. With Challan, you have to make the initial customization, and everything will run on autopilot. 

Challan is brought to you by Webappick, the same team behind the magnificent CTX Feed. If you want to automatically create product feeds for your desired product promotional channels with regular updates, CTX Feed has no match.

Challan – PDF Invoice 

challan PDF invoice plugin

Challan is one of the best WooCommerce PDF invoice generation plugins that you can get for your store. The simplicity of Challan will give you a quick start, and you will be done with setting up automatic PDF invoice generation for every order placed in your store in just no time. 

Most importantly, Challan offers a plug-and-play service. As a result, you have enabled automatic PDF invoices, shipping labels, and packing slips generation for your store only by installing the plugin. Apart from that, you need to customize the output on the PDF invoice.

Chalan woocommerce pdf invoice plugin setting options.

Once you have installed Challan on your store, you should notice a new menu item on your WordPress dashboard. Under the new menu item called Challan, you will find the different options to control when a PDF invoice is delivered and the output on the PDF invoice.

Clicking on this new menu item will take you to the settings option of Challan, where you will get all the options to customize the output. On top of that, you will also find some of the brilliant customization options in this section to give the PDF invoices a personal touch for your brand.

Challan dashboard

The options are very straightforward, and with a minimum level of technical knowledge, you will be able to configure the PDF invoice successfully. Apart from the settings tab, you will find more tabs that come organized to make the task easy for you. 

Most importantly, you can also choose to use a custom font for the PDF invoices. Under the Upload Fonts tab, you will find an option to upload a custom font to be used for the PDF invoices of your store. Under the Seller and Buyer tab, you will find the option to upload your logo.

Chalan woocommerce pdf invoice plugin

With just taking care of these steps, you have already enabled a professional WooCommerce PDF invoice for your store. We are not going into the details of each option in this post because we have already discussed them here.

Challan PRO

There is a premium version of Challan called the Challan PRO that comes with more customization options. With the premium version, you can create an outstanding PDF invoice that is fully customized to complement your brand. 

Companies do a lot of work to create a strong brand. Why should you ignore an effortless opportunity?

Among the long list of features that comes with Challan PRO, the paid stamp and the authorized signature are priceless. Apart from that, the premium version is also WPML compatible, so if you need to create an invoice in a different language powered by WMPL on your site, it has you covered. 

Moreover, it supports WooCommerce subscriptions, so if you are running subscriptions, there is nothing to worry about. You will also love the ability to create invoice backups to Dropbox. Finally, Challan PRO also has support for BAR Code and QR Code. Interested to learn more, don’t hesitate to visit the product page of Challan PRO.

So, you must agree that creating a WooCommerce PDF invoice is one of the simplest tasks. If you want to get going with a professional and functional PDF invoice for your store, Challan has everything to suffice your needs. 

If you want more for your store, it will be wise to go for the premium version. We hope that the following order on your store will have an automatically generated PDF invoice powered by Challan.

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