Create a professional packing slip

How to Create a Professional Packing Slip for an Outstanding WooCommerce Order

Business is about selling products, as well as managing the product information. You have to keep track of the items that you are selling, including the shipping information. Therefore, it is a plus if you know how to create a packing slip for better inventory management.

If you are running an online WooCommerce business, a delivery receipt will improve your store’s performance. In addition, you can increase customer satisfaction by providing the ordered product information.

In the current eCommerce era, a delivery receipt is mandatory to manage your WooCommerce store. You can enable this service in your store by simply installing a plugin, followed by starting the store-level audit process. We will thoroughly discuss delivery receipt, how to create one, and other related concerns about it. 

What Exactly is a Packing Slip?

An Order slip is a crucial business document that enlists complete product information of the ordered items. This written list of items comes with a package or shipment according to customers’ orders. It may also include other necessary information, such as the total payable amount, shipment control number, etc. 

Usually, this document includes the number of product units, weight, dimension, and SKU number. It will assist your WooCommerce store’s shipping department in many ways. Moreover, You can complete an order accurately by determining the inventory you are about to send.

What is the Purpose of a Packing Slip?

Buyers or receivers of the package will be able to inspect their ordered items against a delivery receipt. It allows both parties to ensure that the ordered item is adequately moving to its destination. 

A packing slip (order slip) is a critical piece of documentation in the WooCommerce order management process. It aids you in executing seamless transitioning, processing, and shipping of orders. Businesses can track the status of their shipment and streamline order and shipping management.

However, the order slip serves a purpose other than quality control and record-keeping of your online store. Renowned brands also use this record-keeping process for additional branding possibilities. You can create a design that resembles your brand and represent it to convey your perspective.

Customs may utilize the order slip in association with the related invoice for overseas shipments. It helps them calculate the total value of the package and charge reasonable costs. Therefore, after learning the purpose of this crucial document, you may focus on how to create a packing slip.

What is the Difference Between a Packing Slip and an Invoice?

There are many misconceptions that the Invoice and Delivery notes are interchangeable. Though they are similar in appearance, an order slip and an invoice serve particular purposes. However, there is a significant distinction between these two documents that we are going to disclose.

Common Differences 

Let’s take a closer look at an Invoice created by a free WooCommerce PDF and Packing Slip plugin. An invoice is a financial business document of an order that is sent directly to the customer. It includes information such as each product’s cost, payment terms, payment method, and date. 

Challan invoice sample

As we mentioned earlier, the physical, even digital products that a customer will receive are mentioned on a shipping document. This document goes with a shipment during the transit of products to their destination. The shipment department must also be aware of the items they will carry by looking at this document.

Objective-based Differences

Generally, an invoice comprises details about the financial transaction related to an order. As a result, businesses can be aware of their due and received payments. 

Some giant companies prefer receiving a monthly payment clearance. As a result, the invoice they get contains all the shipment information of a month. It also contains information regarding all the products sold in that duration. Its primary purpose is to provide a complete and final copy of payments that the clients must clear out. 

The purpose of the delivery receipt is simply to mention each product according to customer orders. Thus, The shipment and delivery department will trace all of the goods listed in this document. 

It’s tough to trace every shipment without a receipt for large firms with a high volume of orders. Furthermore, businesses may be certain that their items are on their route, even if any delay occurs. 

Challan Packing Slip Sample

Department-based Differences 

An invoice is an essential financial document for company owners and the financial department. It includes information about every payment and moves through the financial department.

The warehouse or other departments are The payment portion is not delegated to the warehouse or any other department. Only the top management can intervene in the payment part. As a result, the top department always has a copy of all payments made for the shipments.

The shipping document is a crucial document for the shipping department and the warehouse crew members. As a result, a packing slip is necessary for WooCommerce sites to guarantee that all items mentioned are received. Also, the department will always be aware of the number of products that are available or sold.

Why are Packing Slips Important for eCommerce Businesses?

If you are running an eCommerce store online, a shipping document will assist your store in many ways. For example, after purchasing something from a store, you would want to get an invoice. Why? Because it includes your information as well as the product information.

In eCommerce, businesses operate online and virtually. That is why you need to maintain professionalism and satisfy the customers by providing delivery receipts. Now, we are presenting the importance of order slips for eCommerce businesses: 

Verify That Everything is in the Shipment

The importance of fast delivery and proper order in an eCommerce firm cannot be overlooked. An order slip verifies that the vendor has packed the shipment package with all of the ordered items. Therefore, customers can count, check and recheck every product against the amounts listed on the packaging slip.

An order slip records the packages contained on the shipment list and reflects all requested products. After comparing the slip with the shipment’s packages, a printed slip is affixed to the box and sent off.

Tangible Proof of Shipped Items 

The delivery note comes with a hard copy that includes information regarding the packed items. Hence, it is proof that the ordered items listed on the document are shipped. If something goes wrong or there is inequality, the document (order slip) is there to verify the details.

The delivery note, of course, aids both the seller and the consumer in tracking the shipment’s contents. Sometimes, products are delivered in multiple boxes to the customers. As a result, both parties may simply remain organized using this piece of document.

Sort-out Damaged Items 

Using an order slip, you may quickly identify the damaged products in your inventory. A fragile item on your shipment or the entire package may get damaged during shipping. These are common scenarios that may occur while delivering a product. That is why having this crucial document will aid you in issuing a refund or resending a shipment. 

Verifying the Received Items 

Delivery notes help track down missing products and confirm that all of your orders were delivered. On the other hand, customers can also verify that the ordered items were correctly received.

Customers can also verify the shipment If an item is damaged, lost, or delivered mistakenly. The delivery note benefits both the buyer and the seller in this way.

Enhancing the Business Relations 

Businesses can generate revenue when they have a professional and organized working culture. The shipment team can cross-check the goods by utilizing a delivery note, and customers can verify their products. As a result, both the consumers and the shipping service are content with the well-organized service. 

Evaluating a Shipment’s Cost

Customs may utilize an order slip to estimate the worth of a shipment if you’re exporting abroad. The packing note is helpful for customs authorities, allowing them to check and value the contents of a shipment. By contrast, the customs agency uses the invoice to include complete information about a shipment.

What Should A Packing Slip Include? 

Before learning how to create a packing slip you should learn what it should include. First of all, it should be accurate and as detailed as possible. The delivery receipt, as previously stated, is an essential document for shipping purposes. A complete order slip is advantageous for mailing the package and expediting customs clearance.

Generally, a delivery receipt should include the following information: 

  • Company Information (Name and Logo)
  • Address of the company (Include the contact information)
  • Document Name (Delivery Recipt, Order slip)
  • Delivery note Number 
  • Order Number (e.g., S1_052)
  • Order Time and Date
  • Customer Information (Name and Address)
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Method of Shipping 
  • Product Name (Mention all the products separately)
  • Product Quantity (Mention each product quantity)
  • Description of ordered Products 
  • Weight of Products

How To Create a Packing Slip for Free?

Now, we are about to describe one of the best Free WooCommerce PDF invoices and Packing Slip plugins. Challan is one of the best free plugins that you can easily download and set up on your WooCommerce store. It has all the fantastic and user-friendly features that an invoice and delivery slip should possess. 

By Using Challan, you can create a delivery note within a few clicks according to customers’ orders. Creating an order slip is easy, and we will be showing it in a step-by-step process. 

After viewing these steps, you will be able to create a free shipping document Moreover, you will learn what this free delivery receipt template has to offer for your WooCommerce store. 

Challan – PDF Invoice & Packing Slip for WooCommerce

Step1 – Installing and Activating Challan 

First of all, you simply need to log into your WordPress website’s dashboard. Go to the Plugin section, click the “Add New” option, and then search “Challan” on the search box as stated in the image.

Installing and Activating Challan

You will see the Challan – PDF Invoice and packing slip for WooCommerce will appear below. When the installation is complete, simply activate the plugin to create it for free. 

Step 2  –  Navigating The Challan Plugin   

Let’s say a customer has ordered some products at your WooCommerce shop. You will be able to see the orders by navigating the WooCommerce > Orders section. In this section, you can see the customer’s name on the left side and the total amount on the right side.

Navigating The Challan Packing Slip plugin

If you click on the customer’s name, you will be redirected to another interface named “Edit Order.” In this section, you will be able to manage specific customer Orders. We’ve indicated the specific order number on the image below, which represents a customer order with a number. 

You can also edit some information such as the order date, Order Status, Billing, and Shipping information. If the information is correct, you can view the delivery note by clicking the option “Packing Slip,” located on the Challan section

Edit order section of Challan

The interface of the delivery note will be as stated in the image below. This document is relatively easy to understand and includes all the information an order slip should have. 

Free Packing Slip Template 

On the top left corner of this order receipt, you can see the company Logo. The company address is present on the right side of the logo, which you can edit from the Challan > Seller & Buyer option. 

The billing and shipping addresses are located beneath the company logo. Invoice Number, Order Number, Order Date, and Payment Method are listed below the company address.

Some additional information underneath the Billing and shipping addresses indicates product details of a customer order. In this section, Product Name, Weight, and Quantities are available in detail. 

Viewing a Packing Slip

Step 3 – Getting the Packing Slip from the Order Section 

By enabling the “Actions” option from the “Screen Options,” you may access the delivery receipt straight from the “Edit Orders” page. The Invoice, Delivery receipt, and Delivery Address will be visible on the “Orders” section after ticking the “Actions” option. After clicking on “Packing Slip” in this area, you may now view it right away.

Challan Packing Slip Edit Order section

Features of Challan – Free WooCommerce Packing Slip Plugin 

Challan – PDF Invoice & Packing Slip for WooCommerce

Based on Order status, this amazing tool creates PDF invfoices and delivery notes as well. It also sends the documents to the customers after attaching them to the order confirmation email. 

The overall process of creating, printing, and downloading the invoice and delivery receipt slip is straightforward. It pleases the shop manager and the shipping crew since it handles the shipping and sales processes.

At this point, you already know how to create a packing slip by utilizing the Challan plugin. Therefore, we will introduce some of the most common features of this plugin in detail. The information may vary according to customer order and business type, but mostly the elements are common. 

The company Logo is clearly visible on this order slip, which upholds the brand value. It’s a great way to promote your brand identity and also maintain professionalism. You can easily upload your brand’s logo in your shipping document that may be visible on the top left corner of the document. 

Challan Logo option

It is also possible to resize the Logo by navigating through the Challan > Settings > Seller & Buyer option. Remember, one thing that the logo you apply on the Invoice will appear on your delivery note. 

You can add Logo on a Packing Slip

Company Address

Challan indicates the company address on the top right corner of the order slip. It helps customers to identify the company name and related details. This piece of information is essential because customers will be aware of the company from where they are getting the product form.

Company Address in Packing Slip

Shipping and Billing Address 

The shipping and billing address of the customer is clearly indicated on this plugin. These addresses indicate the customers’ billing addresses and shipping addresses in detail. You can edit these addresses as per requirement. These addresses are essential to specify the destination of the ordered products.

Billing and Shipping Address on packing slip plugin

The plugin represents these addresses accurately on the order slip and invoice as well. In a particular circumstance, you can enable or disable the shipping address. Also, you can hide the shipping address if it is similar to the billing address. 

Itemized List of Shipped Items 

Many buyers double-check the things they get against the order list. It helps them to ensure that they are getting what they paid for. Challan clearly states the Item Name, Weight, and quantity of the products. So, customers will get a clear idea about what they are getting in a shipment.

A clear indication of product title, weight, and quantity helps minimize the length of the list. Therefore, the order slip becomes brief yet succinct when many of the same items are ordered. 

Itemized List of Products

Order Data (Invoice Number, Order Number, Order Date, Payment Method)

This multipurpose plugin includes Invoice Number, Order Number, Order data, and Payment method. All these data are customizable if you can utilize the hook option of the plugin.

Order Data in Challan

The invoice number automatically changes according to the newly placed order. From the settings section of the plugin, you can customize the date format. 

Bulk Download and Print Option

As a business owner, you can swiftly manage the packing slip on your store while using the Challan plugin. It allows you to download and print a copy of the delivery receipt in a bulk amount. This means you can minimize the effort of managing multiple shipments at a time. In addition, the shipment team can quickly verify the products of multiple customers at the same time.

Bulk Download Packing Slips

Take a closer look at the image above where we’ve indicated the process of downloading the shipping document in a bulk amount. First of all, select the “Bulk Download” option in the Challan interface. Secondly, select “Packing Slip” from the dropdown menu located on the Bulk Type option.

As a consequence, select the starting and end date for which you want to download the document. Finally, click the “Download” button to get the shipping document in a bulk amount which you can print as well.

Additional Factors of Packing Slip 

Generally, the delivery slip should not be a complex document. There are a few extra things to consider while filling out customer orders for a delivery receipt.

A Blended Process 

Utilizing order slips is a must while processing the sales and shipping process. Challan is an integrated technology that minimizes the risk of error while generating the delivery note. It automates the complete management of a customer order. Without this tool, the operation of your online store will not be efficient enough. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience 

The unpacking experience is a chance to make a positive impression, and the delivery note is a viable approach. However, your shipment may contain various documents such as inserts, brochures, invoices, and delivery notes. Determine the most effective approach to satisfy your customers. Without overloading the customers, provide them with vital information via delivery notes.

Impact on Environment 

You can reduce your carbon footprint by using a digital version of a delivery slip online. Challan allows you to create a downloadable version of a shipping document that customers can utilize without any ink or paper. An electronic version of this document certainly has a more positive impact on the environment.  

Final Words

A packing slip provides a great chance to delight clients, regardless of how you operate your online WooCommerce store. It makes the whole shipping process a lot easier and more organized for your online business. 

After going through this article, we hope you have learned how to create a packing slip that looks professional. In addition, you can also be clear about the difference between a Delivery note and an Invoice. As a result, the customer interaction and the reputation of your store will increase. We recommend you use Challan to create this essential business document because it is fully optimized to serve its purpose.  

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