How to drive sales with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

7 Most effective ways to Drive Sales with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Remember the days of manually creating endless Facebook ads for every single product in your store? Yeah, we all have been there once, right?

Luckily, now we’ve Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) to boost our online sales on another level with its new version, Meta Advantage+ catalog ads.

But, since the meta ads make a dynamic change in the advertising sector, is this doing enough to turn that huge browsing traffic into buyers?

Well, one study shows that the conversion rate is only 1.40% for Facebook dynamic ads (Meta Advantage+ catalog ads). It’s because plain ads can easily blend like a quiet voice in a noisy room. 

Though it’s higher than the other Facebook ads, however, many e-commerce owners think this percentage should be better. They need a little extra customization to instantly turn people from browsers into customers.

Here, in this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the most effective strategies for doing so. We’ll break down the 7 most powerful ways to drive sales with Facebook dynamic product ads to turn your viewers into customer magnets. 

So, let’s dive in.

7 Best Secret Ways to Drive Sales with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

While DPAs are a powerful tool, they need some proper representation to truly drive your sales. And here are the 7 best ways to target the right people at the right time and drive maximum sales.

1. Localize Language & Pricing for International Meta Dynamic Ads

Let’s say you sell cool sunglasses online, and someone scrolls through Facebook and sees an ad for your products. The glasses look amazing, but hold on, the description is in a language that your buyers don’t understand.

Again, suppose you provide the description in English, and a Spanish buyer is somehow able to read it, but in the price section, he sees dollars rather than euros. 

Anyone easily gets frustrated, right?

It’s because figuring out what you actually offer and how much your product’s cost is in your buyer’s currency is definitely a hassle. And, most of the time, people don’t put that much effort into doing so and just scroll on by.

In fact, the customers think they aren’t the right fit for that product, even if you are available to ship internationally.

This is what happens when you run Facebook dynamic ads without localization. You might have fantastic products, but if your ads aren’t speaking the right language or showing prices that people recognize, they’ll miss out entirely.

So, you might be thinking, What’s the solution?

You’ve to generate a multi language product feed to make your ads feel as a friendly conversation, more like a local shop seller.

With localization, you can show the ad in Spain to someone in Spain, even with the price displayed in euros. 

And immediately, it’ll become crystal clear, right?

They can instantly understand what the glasses are, how much they cost, and even imagine themselves wearing them on a sunny Spanish beach. This is what makes them way more likely to get the product, and it will boost your sales as well.

Localize Language & Pricing for International Meta Dynamic Ads

See the image? 

The price in different currencies makes it super understandable for your customers to know exactly how much they have to pay.

Bonus Tip:

Localization goes beyond just language and currency. Use optimized images that resonate with local styles and interests to truly connect with your buyer. 

For example, if you show your sunglasses strolling down Las Ramblas in Barcelona, it might be more appealing to a Spanish customer than showcasing them on a crowded New York street.

By speaking their language and showing them something they can relate to, you’re showing international customers that you understand their needs. This builds trust and makes them want to buy your amazing products.

Optimize product images to drive sales with Facebook dynamic product ads

Now, you’ve localized the description along with the price of your products. But, somehow the price is hidden in the description, and the image itself doesn’t tell you anything about the product. 

What if the same product image comes with the price clearly displayed along with the key features?

Suddenly, the ad feels more engaging and informative, right?

This is how customized images helps to drive sales with Facebook dynamic product ads. In fact, according to studies by Justuno, 93% of shoppers say that visual appearance is the key deciding factor in their purchasing decisions. 

However, store owners apply different methods to design their product images to grab the instant attention of customers.

But, here, I’m going to discuss the top 2 most effective ways to customize your images.

Add price and key features into the image

    Imagine winter is here, and everyone is searching for that rich, autumnal, cozy jacket. 

    And, you get the best season to promote your cool jackets with dynamic ads. Now, when someone scrolls through Facebook and sees your bomber jacket, that catches her attention. 

    But wait, where’s the price? And is your jacket waterproof, or do you even offer those comfy pockets that your buyers love? 

    Unfortunately, your product images are too simple, and contain no information, not even the price. So, your customers have to zoom in on that tiny description for the product details.

    But, who wants to hunt for basic information like price and key features in the description when they just see an ad?

    Customizing product catalog images in Facebook ads can be your best bet here, but only if you use them the right way.

    It’s actually very simple. Just put the key facts that a buyer wants to know before purchasing and of course the price.

    Let’s make it clear with the image below. 

    Add price and key features into the image

    See the difference, right?

    Just the key features, and price, are included in the image. Not too bulky information, just what you need to know before buying the perfect match for you. 

    And, trust me, this image is enough to turn a random ad viewer into your potential customer.

    Use lifestyle photos

      You’ve included your features in your images. But, sometimes, your products are more about the appearance than the features. 

      Like, if you are selling sunglasses, people’ll first care about how the shades will look on their faces and then come to the material of the glass handles.

      Use lifestyle photos

      Just look at the images. With the left image, people get all the features of sunglasses. But when they see the right image, they immediately imagine them rocking with the glass.

      And that’s where lifestyle photos play a significant role in captivating your customers’ attention. 

      These images showcase your products in real-life scenarios, where people enjoy using the product. This creates a stronger emotional connection with potential customers. This emotional connection translates to higher engagement with your ads and ultimately, a boost in sales.

      Bonus Tip: Utilize slideshows where possible. 

      Want to make your Meta Advantage+ catalog ads one step better? Consider using slideshows. They’re packed with multiple product views in one ad to tell a mini-story or showcase different features. 

      This is perfect for mobile users who prefer quick swiping and keeps them engaged. Plus, you can personalize the slideshows based on user data.

      Create Custom Audiences to show your Meta Ads

        Did you know, the average Facebook ad will reach to around 1.98 billion people in 2024, and the impressions have increased by 31% from the last year?

        But, the average click rate is just 0.9%, whereas the experts think that the click rate should be in the (2-3)%.

        Now, the question is, if the reach and impressions are all doing great, then why are the click rates still stuck at below 1%?

        Well, the simple reason is that your ads definitely come often to Facebook users, but not in front of the most targeted audiences.

        That’s the power of Facebook meta Dynamic Product Ads combined with the magic of Custom Audiences.

        It’s because many users who see your ad might not be interested in what you’re offering. This leads to low engagement, and they just scroll past without a second thought.

        Even if someone clicks on your ad from general traffic, there’s no guarantee they’ll make any purchase.

        However, custom audiences target those with existing interests, making clicks more likely to convert into actual sales. 

        It’s like showing the perfect pair of sunglasses to someone who’s been reading reviews while comparing styles online, and they’re already primed for a purchase.

        Again, it’s not just about who you target, it’s also about when. Custom audiences allow you to show your dynamic product ads at the peak moment of buying interest. 

        Imagine seeing those sunglasses right after you’ve searched for a post about the best glass styles for your face shape. 

        By taking advantage of Facebook’s custom targeting capabilities, you ensure your ads appear when the desire to buy is strongest. And turn those curious clicks into conversions with a click.

        But, are you thinking, how to find that custom based audience to target?

        Well, it’s easier than ever. Just install Facebook pixel on your website. This little piece of code tracks website visitors and their browsing behavior. 

        With this, you can target people who have visited specific product pages, browsed certain categories, or even added items to their cart without completing the purchase.

        In fact, do you already have an existing email list of past customers or website subscribers?

        You can upload this list to Facebook and create a custom audience based on those email addresses. This allows you to retarget past customers and remarket with relevant product recommendations or special offers.

        That’s it. You’re all ready to offer a more targeted, custom audience with cost-effective approach to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. 

        And that’s the best way to reach the right people at the right time with the most relevant products for leading to higher engagement and, ultimately, more sales.

        Bonus Tip: 

        Stuck showing ads to people who might not be interested in or already bought products from you? Lookalike audiences can help. 

        Lookalike audiences find new people who act online and share similar details with your favorite customers. Now, these new people see your ads, but with a twist.

        Dynamic ads for broad audiences facebook show them products they’re likely to want based on what they’ve looked at before. 

        It’ll work as a super sales technique that knows exactly who to target and what to recommend. This means more drive sales with facebook product ads for all new customers.

        Drive sales with Facebook dynamic product ads via discount offers and urgency

          Sometimes, while scrolling through Facebook, people find ads for something they kind of like, but aren’t quite ready to buy. Then they see a big, bold discount. 

          Suddenly, that “kinda like” turns into “I want it.” Right?

          And that’s how discounts are always like irresistible deals. This can make anyone buy something they aren’t even looking for. 

          Now let’s make this even easier for you. 

          You can use discount plugins to create coupons for your dedicated customers for exclusive discounts or even free items.

          Now, you know how discounts are a fantastic way to grab attention on Facebook, but what if you could take things a step further? 

          Imagine someone sees an ad for a sweet deal on a pair of sunglasses, a discount that makes them seriously consider adding the glasses to their cart. 

          But then, something even more exciting catches their eye. 

          A contest to win a shopping coupon worth ten times the price of those sunglasses!

          This is the potential of combining discounts with contests and giveaways on Facebook dynamic ads. It’s not just about the immediate sale, but about building long-term value and ultimately driving more sales. 

          And that’s how this ultimate duo can supercharge your advertising strategy and drive sales with Facebook dynamic product ads.

          Bonus Tip:

          When discounts alone can sometimes get lost in the Facebook feed, urgency adds an instant sense of “buy now or lose it”

          Combine your discounts with limited time and set a countdown. Even show how many discounted items are left in stock, or highlight that the sale only applies to the first few customers. 

          Add discount offers and Create urgency

          You get the point, right?

          This double threat of urgency and limited availability creates a powerful motive to make people purchase now.

          While regular ads can be a pain to update with these new discounts, Facebook’s dynamic ads are like magic. You set them up once with your product info, and they automatically show the latest discounts to everyone who sees the ad. 

          But, what if you don’t have any optimized product feed that includes all the product information properly?

          In this case, manually generating product feeds is not only tedious work but also prone to error as well.

          You may ask for the solution, right?

          Well, the most easy and effective solution is using a plugin for this. Now, if you’re going to search for plugins, you’ll definitely get many.

          Among all these, most Woocommerce store owner prefer CTX Feed-WooCommerce Facebook Product Feed Plugin to create their product feed especially for Facebook.

          And the best part?

          This plugin is completely free to use. So, all you’ve to do it install CTX feed on your site and make feed for your Facebook dynamic ads with just a few clicks. It saves you tons of time and ensures everyone gets the best deal.

          In fact, with this freemium plugin, you don’t have to search for the required attributes for Facebook, it’ll automatically generate all the attributes you need to get the most optimized feed.

          Offer a little discount with Referral Programs

            No doubt, discounts can easily boost your sales, but, these discounts are kind of everywhere nowadays.

            Sometimes, store owners offer bulk discounts at checkout, but they don’t continuously make people keep shouting about your brand, right? 

            In fact, to be very honest, discount offers often get buried in emails and get lost in the shuffle.

            But, the most effective way to make people talk about your brand is through referral programs with Facebook ads.

            Though, people are way more likely to share something they’re truly excited about, but when it comes to getting an additional discount for just sharing, it becomes way more exciting.

            For example, someone walks out with a product from your store and they’re very much satisfied. Now, you tell them, “Hey, we appreciate you loving our stuff so much, but here’s a special discount for your next purchase if you tell a friend about it.” 

            Suddenly, that discount code feels like an awesome gift they can’t wait to share.

            Offer a little discount with Referral Programs

            Both the images encourage sharing with friends. But, just sharing the right image can only motivate a few people and even not at all.

            On the other hand, when your customers see the left image saying “share and get instant discount”, there will be a share done within a few seconds.

            In fact, this discount with referral creates a ripple effect. How?

            Your happy customers are sharing discounts, which means your brand reaches more new audiences, for free. It’ll bring in new customers without even lifting a single finger.

            Plus, those new customers with their discounts become repeat buyers, and eventually boost your overall sales.

            And Facebook Dynamic Ads make this concept even better. These cool ads are personalized for each viewer, showcasing the perfect product based on their browsing history.

            Make short videos on dynamic ads

              People aren’t interested in that old boring, bulky details of product descriptions. Now, they prefer visualizations rather than reading even a single word.

              Again, it’s true that content visualizations impact more deeply on our mind than reading any details. No matter how catchy your product’s descriptions are, people can even find them lifeless.

              And that’s where reels or short videos come into play and no defense, such videos show the real deal. 

              We all get highly influenced by such quick reels, right? 

              And this same thing is highly effective to drive sales with Facebook dynamic product ads too. In fact, the engagement with Facebook video ads is around 6.01%

              Don’t just say your products are great, show it and let the video do the talking.

              Waterproof Jackets? Show how stylish they are looking and people rocking them even in the rain. Cloth folding gadget? Show the user just sitting idly and how fast the gadget folds clothes. 

              With short and catchy Reels in Facebook dynamic ads, you get a powerful sales tool. It grabs your buyer’s eye, shows cool stuff in a fun way, and makes them want it.

              But hold on! Let’s make the videos even more trustworthy.

              Sometimes, people find the product absolutely great for you after seeing the ad, but they hesitate to click because they’ve never heard of the brand before.

              That’s where the magic of social proof comes in, and it can turn anyone from a skeptical scroller into a happy customer with Facebook ecommerce ads.

              Just check the image below to better understand the power of social media proof.

              Add social proof

              When you first launch your product, there will be no reviews. So, you’ve to encourage your first buyers to give reviews and even better if they give before and after pics with it.

              You can offer some discounts or gifts to the customers who’ll give authentic reviews. This not only makes your buyers give quick reviews but also it’ll be helpful for building trust with your existing customers.

              And when you’ve a post with good social proof (likes, comments), then you can go for reposting the ad. 

              In Facebook Ads Manager, hit on edit of the ad and go to the preview. Under “Share,” choose “Facebook Post with Comments.

              Now, copy the entire URL of the preview and find the post ID within the copied URL (the number between “posts/” and “?”) like below. 

              Facebook Post ID URL Location

              And you’re almost done. Just create a new ad or duplicate an existing one and In the ad setup, choose “Use Existing Post.”

              repost facebook dynamic ads

              Finally, paste the copied post ID in the ad creative section and you’re all done.

              And the best part?

              Though it’s one of the best ways to drive sales with Facebook dynamic product ads, uou don’t have to be afraid whether people will like your video or not. Facebook tracks how people see your videos. So, use this to make even better videos and become a short video shopping master.

              Create a proper sales funnel

                While sales are the ultimate goal, a “one-size-fits-all” approach falls flat in today’s dynamic approach on Facebook ads. 

                This strategy uses special ads that change based on who’s seeing your product. You’ve to go through the full approach to personalize the shopping journey to get the most sales for any ecommerce store and keep your customers happy in the long run.

                Create a proper sales funnel

                Let’s find out how.

                Step 1: Grab your customer’s attention & show why they need your stuff:

                First start with a cool video ad that shows off your product to a bunch of people who might be interested. This ad won’t try to force sales, but it will show how your product can solve problems people face every day. 

                And the best part? You can change the message in the ad based on what people have looked at online before, to make it even more interesting to them.

                Step 2: Got Their Attention? Now Show Off Your Awesome Product to keep them interested:

                Next, you focus on people who liked the first ad or checked out your website. It’s time to show them a cool, interactive ad with pictures that change depending on what they looked at before. 

                For example, someone checking out a specific color or size of your product and the ad will change to show them the exact item. This personal touch makes them want to learn more.

                Step 3: Ready to Buy? Make it Easy for Them

                Now that people are getting excited, you show them ads that make it super easy to buy your product. For example, if someone looked at a specific color or size, the 2nd ad will show them that exact variation.

                But,in this ad, it’ll come with a special offer, like a discount or free shipping, to make buying even more tempting for your customers.

                Step 4: Keep your customers return with Perfect Recommendations

                But the story doesn’t end there. As we all care about our customers, now you’ve to  show them special ads based on what they’ve already bought from you. 

                For example, someone who bought a shoe from you, let them see an ad suggesting a nice pair of socks that goes perfectly with the shoes.

                This whole process is like a personalized shopping journey that helps you to get more customers who love your product. Eventually, this proper sales funnel makes them search your website first for anything related to your products.


                Facebook Dynamic Product Ads have proven to be a powerful tool for driving sales. By leveraging automation, personalization, and intelligent targeting, they showcase the right products to the right people at the right time. Remember, the key to maximizing sales lies in a strategic approach. 

                Hope these 7 secret ways can help you a lot to drive sales with Facebook dynamic product ads. But always remember, though all the ways are super effective, still you’ve to continuously learn about Facebook dynamic ads and monitor them to make changes accordingly.

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